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the ugly side of racing

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by abvc, May 5, 2009.

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  1. so i read in a magazine as told by one of the club racers, back in the old days there can be one or two sabotage to competitors' bike like twiching the suspension setting, or pressing the kill switch on race. :roll:

    what's your side of story?

  2. P*ssing in their fuel container :LOL:
    ( it was always supposed to be kept out the back of the garage)

    Caused horrendous carburration problems...
  3. Fuel tap turned off, tyre warmers turned off.
  4. I saw a really ugly guy in the pits once.
  5. A very large gentleman who used to race at Hume Weir used to take his left hand off the bars and, as a competitor tried to pass him on the left heading down into Scrub Corner, would place said hand against his chest and prevent his progress.

    so the story goes, round the Albury area...
  6. Who on earth was that, Paul?
  7. I can't remember his name, now, (too long ago) but he raced a classic blue and white Suzuki race bike, pre-square-four, of course, and wore all black leathers, which made him look even bigger :LOL:.
  8. Production bike racing was always full of tricks as nobody took them too seriously, except for the k1w1.

    Such as flicking another blokes kill switch to off or reaching your right foot out and knocking them down one gear. All very amusing unless it was happening to you. :grin:
  9. :shock: Heavy stuff! Got to take it pretty seriously to do that to someone.
  10. nobody took them too seriously

    if the K1W1 you're talking about it the same one I'm thinking about, you've got your metaphor back-to-front; EVERYONE took it seriously EXCEPT the K1W1.
  11. Well seriously in the sense that for a lot of years production and modified production bikes were ALL he raced including the worlds very first 'superbike' while a lot of other blokes focused their main attention on 'real' racing bikes and had the odd jaunt on a proddy bike just for a giggle. Cheers. :grin:
  12. indeed, although I did greatly enjoy him flinging the Captain Snack TZ-350 into the wall at BP :LOL:.

    The RESULTS were ugly, but it was pretty to watch, and the crowd went mental......

    At the launch of Scaysbrook's book on the Six Hour Hagon asked Gardner if he enjoyed racing at the Six-Hour, in view of his success there. He answered that he only did it because Honda said he had to :LOL:.
  13. Happened at Winton last year to me. Pretty pissed about that. Someone's idea of a giggle. Not a problem if you see and notice it, dead fcuking dangerous if you don't.
  14. Going slightly horizontal here, I've been involved with a few gliding competitions, and even there some people do stuff like this.

    A friend of my fathers was at a world class comp in the US one year, and found out that one of the competitors had trained his 4 year old toddler to walk under wings and stick his jam on toast to the underside of the wing :)

    Another one was to throw a stick of broccoli or a dead fish down the tail boom of the glider. Stinks like hell and is a bastard to get out.

    And my favourite, however somewhat rude, is blocking the pee tube. That way, when the pilot needs to piss, and he uses it, the catheta on his, erm, johnson, pops off and he ends up with it all over himself :p
  15. At some tracks the power cuts out often so you're constantly paying attention to your warmers.

    But when there's no power problems it's too easy to put your helmet and gloves on then rip the warmers off and then it's not so funny. Hope you caught the lowlife comedian who did it.
  16. Uncle Hornet, are you aware that there's a last hurrah 6hr at Oran in November?
  17. I have/had my own generator. I had my suspicions, but never pursued it, but did make me much more careful from then on.
  18. NO!! I was not. Details, please :)!!!

  19. Tis to be run as a production class by Circuitbreakers with a number of support races on Saturday and Friday I think.

    There are trade stalls and the like planned as well as a number of other activities.

    I am sure that Phil will find out the details sometime soon but in the meantime the CB website has some detail although another meeting specific website is being developed apparently.

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