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The two of us

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. I just stumbled across "Insight" on the ABC; on the subject of identical twins. Ah, the stories I could tell....

    Are there any other identical twins on the forum?

  2. Bloody hope not.
  3. yep, me and joel are.
    we tend to occupy the same space too.
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    Grumpy old guy :LOL:.
  5. I have identical twin boys. They are mirror images - Sam even has his heart on the right hand side.

    Right out of the box (so to speak) they have been different people. Sam is very upright an proper, and hates if gets below 100% for any test. Zac is very laid back, and is happy if he gets above 10%. They are now 11, and lots of people have trouble telling them apart (which pisses them off), but to me and their siblings they are chalk and cheese.

    They both love the bike. We have to do a run to Flippin' pancakes up Mt Dandenong occasionally. Sam grips on tight, Zac hits me to go faster.
  6. Cute :LOL: Hehe, and their names are so appropriate too - one sounding tame while the other wild. Do you think that had any effect on their personalities?
  7. I don't believe so. They were individuals from day one. One lay fairly quietly, they other wriggled like a worm in baby oil.

    From birth they were dressed in different colors, one in green, the other in blue. Never went in for that cutesy "dress them the same to accentuate it" crap. Treated as separate people from day one. The school uniform is either yellow or blue t-shirts, so Sam wears the blue and Zac the yellow. No amount of cajoling will get them to swap.

    The only minor downside is they identify strongly with the colors, so any similar presents they get have to have their theme. It will be interesting to see if they grow out of this, but I think it is too well ingrained.

    I have always been mindful to change the order of calling them to eat the swill I make, so they don't feel victimised.
  8. It must be really hard to raise kids - especially twins, i'd say. I've never thought about the whole "calling them down to eat" thing- but thats something that has the potential of psychological effect on the children and rightfully you're taking it into account.

    Kudos to competent parenting :D
  9. I'm not sure about that. They are only still alive because they have learned how to stay out of arms reach.....
  10. A couple of my best mates are identical twins. You probably know them - remember that dodgy Clearasil tv ad from the 80s? That was them.
  11. Was that the one where they had three or four pairs of girls' hands caressing the pimple-free teen's face?

    I wonder if they had to flip a coin to determine who'd be the ugly twin.
  12. Bless them just like lil bloods and crypts... :grin:
  13. Actually, it was decided by which one of them could do the smug-est smirk. At the end one had to look dejected while the other smirked with the chicks hands all over him. Let me tell you, the twin with the better smirk has never let his brother forget that day!

  14. Wow, situs invertus - pretty rare. Does he have a medicalert for that?
  15. How to torment a medical student - ask them to listen to the heart.

    Even better when the victim is a candidate in the physician's exams.