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The twats were out thismorning

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by DarkHorse, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. And it isn't even the weekend yet:

    Riding along the Eastern, inbound at about 12:45. Sitting in the right lane cruising past cars to my left, ready to run onto Alexandra Pde. Woman two lanes over in an early model Corolla moves into the lane next to me, tailgating a car just in front, so she's in line with me. No biggy, she wants off to Alexandra as well (other lanes go left to Hoddle.) Then she looks over at me, flashes the indicator once, and barges her way across. She looked straight at me, then pushed into a gap that was smaller than her car between me and the car diagonally from me, in front of her. I had to jump on the brakes to get my front wheel out of the way, or she would have taken me out. No wave, no apology, just expected me to get out of the way or taste asphalt.

    Not 5 minutes later I'm waiting at the lights where Wellington St ends at Victoria Pde. There's two lanes at the lights, both of which continue through the intersection (big median strip with tram tracks and a second set of lights) to turn right. Vic Pde is three lanes plus parked cars on the left, so right turn from the right lane into the right lane (or maybe the middle lane) or right turn from the left lane into the left lane. Simple enough, huh? I'm turning left just after the intersection, so get into the left lane, ride through the intersection and indicate right (it's the only option!) As I'm turning right around the outside, the van in the (right) lane next to me cuts straight across my path into the left lane. F*cker wasn't even turning, he was going straight ahead, so could have picked any other lane, but chose to try to kill me instead.

    2 different drivers, same stupid, lazy, negligent, not to mention illegal and dangerous attitude. Wanted to take a mirror off both times, but didn't get the chance. Fumed my way through the CBD to work. F*ckers.


  2. It's reading posts like this about my stomping ground back in Melbourne that make me really anxious about returning to riding when I get back. Not because I'm worried about getting wiped out, but because of what I'm likely to do to the first fcuktard that does something similar to the OP. Since being in Canada I've become really chilled and having watched the drivers here who drive with (mostly) courtesy and respect to other road users, I really am dreading the red mist feeling that tends to overcome me when riding in Melbourne.

    Sorry to hear about your experiences dude. Brings back bad memories.
  3. Riding around up near the city will teach you better than any hart course in my book :LOL: :LOL:
  4. FFS!!!!!

    Stop your fcuken whinging!!!!!!!!!!

    Victoria has a gazillion safety cameras. Are you the only one that feels unsafe???? :p:p
  5. :shock:

    fcuk me! I clean forgot what a well protected state we have now! Thanks Vic!! :grin:
  6. yup, I bet they were all well below the speed limit. What's the problem?
  7. Exactly, it's speed that kills guys!

  8. The feeling is mutual. Im crapping myself ( figuratively ) :shock:
  9. you know whats funnier then that.... the bastards fine you when you prove them wrong!
  10. Almost exactly the same thing happened again on the Eastern thismorning. FFS - you'd think 4-5 lanes would be enough for sparse mid-morning traffic to stay the f*ck out of each other's way, but apparently not.

    Sometimes I really miss my V6 4Runner with the big f*ckoff TJM bullbar hanging off the front. Funnily enough I rarely got cut off in that...
  11. I've been perfecting my horn / death stare combo. Seems to work a treat. I pretty much drive with one thumb on the horn, not as a device to express frustration (which is how we aussies seem to use the horn - "BeepBeep" = F-you), but as a warning device to the guy who might not see me ("BeepBeep" = hey dude, look up and pay attention to ME!")

    Horn all the time, death stare for special occasions.

    Oh I saw a moto rider with a samurai sword strapped to his back the other day. I bet that would make people think twice about road raging him.
  12. Ouch! That'd hurt! :shock:
  13. Yellow and black leathers?
  14. Not a hanzo sword.

  15. Strapped to his back, not stuck in it.
  16. Lol..... :rofl: