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The TT is insane, outdated and should be banned

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by stigger, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Not sure if it goes here or General Discussion...

    The gist is that on his blog at http://www.waynegardnerapproved.com.au./wr12.htm is that the IOM TT is outdated and dangerous and should be banned...
  2. Correct.
    Not at all - it's better every year, faster lap times, advancing bike technology, and wow, just look at the slo-mo coverage!
    Where's the public outcry about cigarettes?
  3. reads as though he has been channelling some of the whingers on here. Saying people are taking part as a cash grab is ridiculous.
  4. Yep it is Outdated.
    Yep it is F#$KING LOONEY
    But at the end of the day no one is putting a gun to anyone’s head and saying you must ride it.
    The deaths through history tell us what the risk is.
    No one can go in, without a very clear understanding that this is playing the game in hardcore mode. There are no runoffs there are no air fences, if you go down you go down hard.
    Now with that all in mind if you want to race… then race. Who are we to say how other people can kill them selves?
  5. Methinks he's looking to boost the traffic on his web site!! :)
  6. I can't disagree that the race is completely insane, but I don't see a reason to ban it. The riders know the risks and go a head anyway.

    From a spectator POV it is the most exciting race to watch bar none.
  7. damn right, he sounds like the typical "I dont have the balls or capability to do that so no one else should be allowed to either"
  8. The Irish Rad Racing Series you can see on Foxtel occasionally is just as insane.
  9. To enter the TT it maybe dangerous and insane to some people but at the end of the day we all have free will and some people will choose to do crazy things that may increase their likelihood of being injured or killed. Some people think that i'm crazy for riding a bike (again) after having a major off. I am more than well aware of the dangers but I choose to put myself in that position.
  10. I can see his point, him being an ex professional racer, but as has been said, people choose to go in it.

    On average, 2 of those people die every year.

    It's bloody great to watch though.
  11. Of course it's total lunacy.

    Like the Irish Road Racing series, it's on public roads with stone walls (and barbed wire in some places), guttering, the occasional cobblestone and humped back bridge and not much in the way of barriers between the racers and the spectators; it's a total and complete safety nightmare.

    And everybody who takes part chooses to. And I strongly suspect most of them would fight against having it any other way. =D>
  12. +10,000,000

    It's the only race I'll actually buy on DVD. Best race ever IMO, and why hasn't a Tea company sponsored Guy Martin yet?
  13. Gardner goes from:
    "Now here we are in 2010, all supposedly dedicated to improving rider safety and reducing fatalities, and this race is still allowed to be run." -WR12

    to this:
    "Is it just me, or are GP riders not as tough as they used to be? ...They just don't seem willing to fight for what they really want. ...These days, if they have a bruise on their big toe, they decide to race mid-pack. Where's that toughness gone? Most of the current riders also aren't prepared to ride a bike beyond it's limits." -WR14

    back to this:
    "I stand by my opinion that the TT is insane, outdated and should be banned. My only concern is for rider's lives and the families of those left behind. ...If being alarmed about unnecessary deaths makes me a 'knob' or a 'moaner' as some have suggested, then that's fine." -WR15

    all sounds like typical mental-diarrhea blogging to me.
    It's great that Wayne, now aged 51, has survived a killer career, and lived to the age where the testosterone starts ebbing away and what was once 'fun' becomes 'insanity that needs to be banned'. but some of us younger riders still enjoy our body's production of testosterone, and all the fun trouble it gets us into. It certainly beats writing blogs.

    I say the TT stays.
  14. Things like this can potentially have a use-by date when technology and speed increases make a previously safe undertaking too dangerous. But TT was never safe.

  15. +1000!!! I love Guy Martin... :oops::oops:=P~=P~
  16. Damn right. Hitting a stone wall at 90 mph makes you just as dead as hitting it at 180. Even the bikes of the 1920s were capable of that, complete with bendy unsprung frames, girder forks with a stiff 2" of travel, tobacco tin brakes and questionable tyre technology.

    Road racing (as in real roads) has always been the province of a special kind of talented lunatic. It has always extracted a high price from those who pursue it. Nothing has really changed.

    Efforts have been made to make the TT safer. For example dropping the big Production class when the toll at the 1989 event made it clear that contemporary GSXR1100s and FZR1000EXUPs had exceeded the available tyre technology. However, given the inherent limitations of a road circuit, these efforts will always be too little for some.

    And yet, in spite of the lessons of over 100 years (and it's worth remembering that the TT has been running for more than twice as long as Mr Gardner has been on this earth), there is still a plentiful supply of riders ready to take on the challenge. I would be seriously worried about the future of motorcycling if there were not.

    Long may the TT (and its amateur counterpart, the Manx Grand Prix) and the various Irish road racing events continue.

    Besides, applying my patented and 100% reliable "follow the money" approach, does anyone seriously think that the IoM would countenance not getting their hands on the holiday spend of several hundred thousand bikers, each and every year?
  17. Yep. was thinking the very same. And Gardner has proven to be a pretty consistent wanker since leaving his GP career behind.
  18. I saw him opposing Mark Scafe{sp} on upping the speed limit,is it me or is he getting just a little perishes,sure lets have a safety debate but banning it,good grief,stuff like that fast becomes a slippery slope with the safety Nazis
  19. He's not alone in that. Surely I can't be the only one who finds Phil Read more irritating than fibreglass underpants.
  20. Gardner - Piss off you cardigan wearing git.

    Anyone else notice that Fox only had him on the SBK commentary once this year? I'm tipping that is because everyone else in the studio though he was a wanker too.