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The TRDLZR is for sale for $1 (It will AMAZE YA!)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Yes its true VW fans: You can own the TRDLZR.

    Available for the first time...


    For anyone that has ever wanted a true show car, now is your opportunity to own a meticulously modified example which was funded with contributions from netrider.

    Why waste your money with euro cars or 2 wheeled beats when this is true style and prestige with performance to match?

    The car was originally a 1994 Ford Laser GLi but now as you can see, the car has been completely customised into a head turning, chick pulling, race magnet...

    The car recently pulled a 19 second pass at Eastern Creek raceway and was a crowd favorite. (Time slip available on request)

    Car has been put on dyno but put out so much power the dyno actually exploded.

    The modifications are almost too comprehensive to list - but these are just some of the goodies.

    * Custom flamed paint job (but famous yet unknown artist)
    * Classy rear GT wing (for downforce and ladies)
    * Custom mismatched speed stripes
    * WRX style bonnet scoop (to scare the V8's)
    * Undercar Blue NEONS, switchable on the dash
    * In car neons and chinese performance lantern
    * Updated gear knob and shift boot
    * Race style pedals for extreme KFC drive through launches
    * Steering Wheel cover for extra grip (for drifting)
    * Monster Tacho with 7 colour changing lights
    * Custom chrome painted dash components
    * Red brake calipers for extreme braking performance
    * TRD Windscreen Sticker
    * JDM 'Shopping List' on rear windows
    * Custom JDM Tinted rear windows (fronts clear so everyone can see you)
    * Ralliart Fuel Cap Sticker
    * Special 'LADIES ONLY' rear passenger door
    * Baggy white seat covers
    * Single fluffy dice (2 dice is so last decade)

    We are starting this auction for the rediculously low price of 1 dollar.
    Thats right ONE single Australian Dollar.
    If you're from the UK, thats around 50p, if you're from America, thats around 80US cents. Internationally cheap.

    In all seriousness - Some paint stripper and a new bonnet would get the car back to stock for a decent, reliable daily drive.

    All the info and pics and videos are available here:

  2. F*cken legends.
  3. That was such a tops episode. You funny bastards.
  4. You guys are, indeed, of legendary status.

    C'mon, someone must want THE car that brings back the true rice flavour....
  5. Cheap, overstated and tasteless?

    Honestly, there are some cars around my area that are just as shocking as the TRD laser, if not worse. The only difference is that moog and marty did theirs in the name of great television...
  6. rofl yeah jirf88 there are plenty of those around my area too :LOL:

    what a pos
  7. I'll buy it if it comes with the rights to that piss funny song (video clip included). Oh wait... not buy it now for $1?
  8. ajc


    Snapped by my mate, somewhere in Parramatta.

    I challenge you to do worse. And before anyone asks, yes. That is a GT-R badge on a mitsu lancer.
  9. The ebay questions we are getting are gold:

    Question & Answer
    Q: Those flames look JDM. Does that mean it has VTAK? or VVTi-y0? If it has either of those turbos, will it be able to drift? I need a car to battle against a Mustang that has had a RB26DET conversion. 02-Sep-09
    A: Flames are euro. It has variable germanic valve interpolation. The TOFU88 balls bearing tabochacha has also been fitted. Please read other questions as i have already covered the drifting ability of this vehicle. This car will eat the mustangs balls for breakfast and then vomit them back into the mustang at dinner time.

    Q: im quite a fan of the movie Superman, im sure you have seen it. There is a scene where superman flies sooo fast, that he himself manages to turn back time. Now! i know this is a movie and i havent been worried about it till now... is this something i should prepare for? shouldn't you alert the community before unleashing such a potential time-bomb?? 02-Sep-09
    A: We recommend you check out the DeLorean episode viewable on the mightycarmods.com website. It covers all your questions and more. We can negotiate a superman outfit into the deal on the condition is says TRDLZR across the chest instead of an S.

    Q: please confirm - car comes at no extra cost with all those mods? can i buy now? 02-Sep-09
    A: Buy it now was set at $50,000 - that feature is now disabled as someone bid the $1 starting price.

    Q: If the car is too fast can I somehow slow it down? 02-Sep-09
    A: Drag. Change the angle of the wing on the back of the car so it sticks straight up in the air like a sailboat.

    Q: I just jizzed in my pants and dont know what to do.. should i buy it? 02-Sep-09
    A: Free box of tissues included with sale.

    Q: Two questions actually. 1)Is it true that the TRDLZR is actually KARR? 2) And if so, can we programme it to hunt down Warren Brown? 02-Sep-09
    A: 1. You are a nerd. 2: Certainly, with appropriate nerdy early 80's tech i'm sure anything is possible.

    Q: any stains on seats? 02-Sep-09
    A: Many, but The Rug doctor 2000 has taken care of them.

    Q: ur car is full hectic. i saw it in 9to5 magazine last week - would you swap for a blender (Sunbeam) and tiffany toaster? 02-Sep-09
    A: We will not swap for appliances or white goods.

    Q: are the neons hectic at night? do you still need the headlights on at night ur can u just use the neons? 02-Sep-09
    A: The neons give out a substantial glow, it has been known to cause many UFO sightings from whatever area we cruise through. Headlights are useful safety item, but not essential on this car.

    Q: will you ship to malaysia? thank you and please respond. love thes car 02-Sep-09
    A: We will only ship the car on a private Yacht, that means you must pilot the yacht to our front door, load the car, then sail home