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The Trash at Train Stations

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bullet21, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Whats with hanging out at train stations? I went to Glen Waverly station on thursday for the first time in ages and i saw all these kids, who most likely were skipping school, hanging out there. The thing is Glen Waverly station used to not be that bad but now its like bloody lilydale or something.

    I spoke with my sister who goes there everyday and apparently they're always there. And they always look the same, typical white trash/ teenage mother/ tracksuit wearing bums.

    When did this become cool and why?
  2. Which, the hanging out at train stations or the tracksuit wearing? :LOL:

    Personally I think it'd be boring as hell!
  3. These species are yet to be introduced to bikes.
    Obviously have no life ..
  4. Compared to their home life it's probably really really interesting and exciting... :roll:
  5. Welcome to Connex management. Why do you think commuters are getting more and more frustrated? Lack of service, late trains, cancelled trains, no communication and inspectors ready to pound anyone. Nothing is done to make life better (except for the management).
  6. don't forget the teens who love hanging out at macca's car parks
  7. Hello, I am 41 and used to hang out at Ringwood Station in the '70s and 80's. We all did, it was THE place. We had no skate parks or anything similiar, I don't get why kids today don't go and hang about at a skate park!

    When they built a maccas in Croydon and we got cars, well we used to meet there as well.

    OH and tracky daks have always been popular and cool, just don't wear them with moccas.

  8. Well at least it takes the attention off me with my flannellette shirts combined with socks & thongs. He he he he.
  9. Only in winter mate :cool: :cool: :cool:
  10. trackies, flannies, socks & thongs FTW!
  11. Exactly what i was going to say .. Why do they do it ?? Generally they dont cause to much trouble i am sure, but there really needs to be some better places for them to hang out at, rather than railway stations and McDonalds car parks..
  12. This is simple to explain. Milk bars do not exist anymore (and they are/were THE place to be), they have no adult role models they wish to follow.
    I guess maccas is SORT OF like a modern milk bar........

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Cool? No, not cool... they are just a bunch of bogan, guvvy funded trash. Usually with parents (if they aren't parents themselves) of a similar standing. Kinda like rats really or cockroaches, they gather in all the festy areas. Its unique to here as well, well maybe except for India. Even Harlem doesn't get seem to get little ferals like we have here. Maybe they are too busy trying to get money to eat. Where as here they have more than enough pocket money to feed themselves on servo food all day long. I avoid QLD public transport like the plague. Trains are bad but buses are the worst...there the crazies are trapped in a smaller space.

    Lets add some more traits to their "species"... they all kinda look the same... maybe alco/ drug babies...maybe the offspring of brothers and sisters who knows. The girls? Usually fat, sour looking, badly died hair, pushing a pram. Often found swearing her head off at a child in her pram or at the latest impregnator who is skulking around her side.
    The dudes? Skinny, stinks, clearly not in a job or school... maybe on gear...maybe doesnt have all his teeth (even at 14) probably just lives off smokes and the occasional cask all stolen off his Mum. (see above).

    Both males and females feel the need to shout and switch carriages/argue constantly. They frequently hang out the doors to spot similar members of their species, who they can then yell at, which seems to be some sort of mating call (for a root) and thus more government handouts.

    And the law says I can't run them down or at least push them in front of the oncoming train/bus. :roll: Until that day comes and the guv makes sensible amendments to the necessary manslaughter laws, no matter what the traffic I'm commuting via bike. :roll: Yep I'm bored.
  14. Molotov Cocktail
  15. Damn that was an entertaining read :LOL:
  16. Har har har

    That rant is comparable to the ones i'm famous for at home!
  17. Why the hate people? Bogans are people too! :grin: