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The top 200 rock 'n roll albums of all time!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FluffyDonkey, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. NO, they are morons!

  2. Not at all, they missed it altogether.

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  1. Well sort of, the list is from the goons over at the rock 'n roll hall of fame,

    Honourable Mentions inclus the Beatles, the Stones, Floyd, Nirvana, Metallica and everyones Fave Led Zepplin.

    The list can be viewed here

    As you will discover, the idiots have lost the plot, type the word "rock" into the Genre filter section and the list is reduced to a piss poor 92 albums,

    Filtering out all the shit like shania twain, r kelly 2PAC and all those other dipshits that DO NOT BELONG in a rock and roll chart.

    Feel free to name any albums missing you would have included.

    I would have Secret samahdi (live) in there, not much else i can think of cause i listen to alot more metal which also doesn't belong is a rock and roll chart.
  2. I reckon...Try telling James and Lars that Master of Puppets is the 75th best "rock" album of all time :LOL:
  3. How the hell can Bruce be at no. 56? What a load of crap. That guy (freakin legend!) and that album crap all over Green Day.

    And Bat out of Hell at 66? Come on!

    Load of carp.
  4. WTF? Brothers in Arms at 83! :rofl: I should stop looking at that dumb list.
  5. Haven't looked at the link yet, but unless the following albums are on the list, it isn't worth the 1's and 0's it's printed on:

    To Mock A Killingbird - Pariah
    Clowns Of A Lesser God - Clowns Of Decadence
    100% Columbian - Fun Lovin' Criminals
    Awake - Dream Theater

    Further comdemnation of the list will follow once I've had a good look...
  6. Both poll options mean the same thing? :p

    I would have put Pearl Jam's Ten pretty much at the top... maybe behind Dark Side of the Moon, but only to keep the old people happy ;)

    Absent but not accounted for in that list!
    Faith No More, Ministry, Korn, Queensryche, Dream Theatre, Presidents of the USA, Silverchair, etc.
  7. +1 on both counts. Just re-bought Bat out of Hell on CD the other day, we had it on vinyl 'X' number of years ago. Love it :grin:

    And I just found out a little while back that that's a cap in Bruce's pocket on the album cover... always thought it was a red rag :roll: Must've been too busy looking at, um, other 'finer' details on the cover :p
  8. I thought this is meant to be a rock n roll list??? I see alanis morisette, eminem, dr dre and norah jones there???

    And Appetite for destruction should at least be in the top 20!!!
  9. Dream Theater is missing too! Sorry it's one of those things... :)

    As for Silverchair, I guess the Pick of Destiny's influence has its limits.
  10. Rush is there! :shock:
  11. Yeah, but Kirk would just go with the flow... :)

    It's a bizarre list. If you're going to include Thrash then why 3 Metallica and no Megadeth or Slayer?
  12. Acca Dacca got a couple in ther, but what about the other aussies????

    INXS (formerlt The Farriss Brothers from Bilgola surf club fame :LOL: ) or Midnight Oil (Narrabeen Sands fight night! :LOL: ) or the Angels (perfect at Mach 10 to psyche up before heading out in big surf)

    It isn't a rock list as evicenced by "genre" list at right.

    FFS....Frank Sinatra???????
  13. Others expected but MIA: Cream, Deep Purple, Jane's Addiction, The Clash, Chuck Berry, Ramones, ....err I give up.
  14. how could guns n roses use your illusion I &II not be in that list

    or faith no more for that matter
  15. Amen brother!!

    And who the hell is Carole King in at number 7??? WTF???
  16. No Ramones, KISS, Twisted Sister. :roll:

    Flaming travesty if you ask me.

    Whitney freakin Houston FFS :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  17. How does Prince get into the top 20??!!!

    I like that album but its certainly NOT R&R.
  18. Not finding Hendrix in the top 25 (first page of the included link) stopped me going any further. Just another list that will be debated about for a while and (quickly) forgotten about.
  19. Ha ha ha, I was thinking the same thing! FFS Shania Twain is 21???

    This list smokes pole
  20. Also, Hotel California generally is towards the top of any rock list ever created but it's 35 on this one below such tools like Norah Jones, Carole King or Outkast???? Come on!