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The Top 16 Signs Your Favorite TV Character Smokes Pot

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Milos, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. 16> During stand-up routine, Jerry cracks first joke about nothing
    and proceeds to laugh uncontrollably for 22 minutes.

    15> He stays in his basement office, always babbling about aliens
    and conspiracies, and completely ignores his gorgeous red-headed female

    14> This Urkel guy is actually pretty funny. (Oops! That's a sign
    I've been smoking pot.)

    13> Tim's project this week on "Home Improvement?" How to turn 3
    bucks worth of PVC piping into a monster bong.

    12> Has new theme song: "I love you, you love me. Let's get nekkid
    and smoke some weed."

    11> The interns are referring to him as "Doobie Howser, MD."

    10> Tim McCarver is screaming from the booth for the baseball game
    to "slow down!"

    9> Every Sunday, Andy's doin' the same damn topic: "Didja Ever
    Wonder Why Potato Chips Taste So Good?"

    8> Overcome by the munchies, the Coyote finally quits chasing the
    Roadrunner and heads to 7-11 for a burrito.

    7> Old catchphrase, "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" now replaced
    with "Bummer, dude."

    6> Dr. Green and Dr. Ross call for "Doritos to Trauma 3, stat!"

    5> Sherman and Mr. Peabody are frolicking in 1865, but the Wayback
    Machine's not even plugged in.

    4> Star of special refuses to submit urine sample in "You're
    Suspended, Charlie Brown!"

    3> Samantha's so stoned, she doesn't even realize they switched
    Darrens on her.

    2> Three Words: "Suddenly Shit-Faced"

    and Top5's Number 1 Sign Your Favorite TV Character Smokes Pot...

    1> "Willlllbur, I need some papers."
  2. Hmmm, pop culture deficiency.

    I dont even know what half of those are referring to :?
  3. Lost me too!

    rc checks to see if he's getting old....yes, he is!
  4. mmmmmmm burrito.......
  5. A few of them have me stumped to. Anyone fill in the blanks?

    16. Seinfeild
    15. X-Files
    14. Family (something)
    13. Home Improvement
    12. ?, I think they were playing that song on the Simpson when Lisa was truppin at Duff Gardens.
    11. Doogie Howser M.D
    10. TV Baseball reporter
    9. ?
    8. Road Runner
    7. South Park
    6. E.R - I'm guessing
    5. ?
    4. Charlie Brown
    3. Bewitched - maybe
    2. Suddenly Susan
    1. ?
  6. #1 = Mr Ed.

    #5 = Rocky and Bullwinkle

    No idea about #9 and #12 though.
  7. Number 12 is the Barney theme song ha ha.
  8. No. 5
    is that cartoon where the really smart dog (peabody) and the kid go back in history with the "wayback" machine to fix history. Can't remember the name. it's on Cartoon Connection on Fox.

    No. 1 is Mr Ed "WIIIIILLLLLBBBUUURRR" (oh I see some one has already done the Mr Ed one, oh well too good to waste)


  9. OK,

    Turns out I have seen a lot of these at one time or another. Obviously they left a lasting impression :roll: