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The Top 10 MotoGp riders of 2009.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. crash.net's readers (with a fairly dedicated British readership) have just compiled their Top 10 MotoGp riders for 2009. Here's the list; do you agree?
    1. Rossi
    2. Lorenzo
    3, Edwards
    4. Stoner
    5. Pedrosa
    6. Melandri
    7. Dovizioso
    8. Elias
    9. Capirossi
    10. Hayden

    Now the obviously stupid one here is rating Edwards, who didn't win a race, above Stoner, who won FOUR, but, apart from that....
  2. lol Edwards. Your right about that.

    I can't really disagree with the rest.

    I would still have Stoner at 3, above Pedrosa at 4, as I feel that Casey still outraced him despite the championship standings.
    But then again, I felt that the Ducati was a championship winning bike (at least in Casey's hands). While the Honda didn't really seem to be up to beating the Yams. So the question I have in my head is, which of these two riders made the most of what they had?

    Edwards is a solid 5th, best placed satellite rider, but being 20-30 sec behind the top 4 most races cannot possibly land him in #3.

    It's hard to say with Melandri, it seems like he's put the bike above it's station, but is it the same bike as the 2008 kwak? It would have been good to see Hopkins alongside him to see if the 2009 bike improved or if it was just Melandri weaving his magic. I would still have him in the top 10 but maybe a little lower.

    Dovisioso was a big disappointment, his ranking is probably about right due to his donnington heroics. But even though this was his first season at HRC, he was already on a Honda for a year before that(although I don't remember if he was on michelins or Bstones). Maybe Puig got in the way.

    I just don't know about Hayden, sure he's doing better than Melandri. He's had a whole season to get used to the bike and at the end of it is still about a second slower than his teamate. So should he be in the top ten just for riding around in the midfield with a bike capable of winning races? He seems like a stellar bloke, so I hope that next season we'll see him as a podium regular.

    I don't know about the rest, they all had their shining moments, but they were few and far between.

    I've gotta look back at the results to get a clearer idea of how they went, my memory is crap. :p
  3. That reads more like a popularity chart rating, than a rating based upon rider skill.
  4. I agree put Stoner in third. I wonder how close third and furth where?
  5. Of course it's a popularity poll, I've just had a look at the comments on that site. Half of the posters seem to be trolls.

    In that case I'll adjust my rankings.

    1st, Stoner....

    2nd, Daylight...

    Distant 3rd. Rossi

    4th. the others. :)