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The TLR beast is finally finished.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cheky, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,
    well after 12 months i have finally finished the TLR. Got some of the custom bits from america and some from australia. So far all up the bike and all the mods have set me back $18k so i just wanted your thoughts on wether the mods and paintwork was worth the hassle. The only thing you cant see is the NOS that has been installed as the photos were taken minus the Tank. if the pics dont come up im still trying to work out how to post the pics.


  2. NOS! Brilliant! :LOL:


    So, you'll need a photobucket account or similar, the post image function on here is still broken.
  3. Can't see picture?

    To add a picture it is very easy just use a site like imageshack.us

    Upload your picture there & wait for the options scripts to come on screen, copy the one you want & then paste that script into your post.
  4. As long as you're happy with it cheky then it doesn't matter a flying f@*k what I think.

    I don't care for it BTW. :LOL:
  5. Love to see the dyno of this bike. esp with the nos.
  6. Nice :grin: Always room for a TLR in my garage.
    Better keep the NOS a secret :LOL:
  7. The bike hasnt been dnyo'd yet as im waiting for Sis from Sjay to have his dyno set up.

    Hey 2wheels there might be room in the garage but pity the bike pretty much doesnt see the light of day unless i go on poker runs. I know your going to say whats the point having a bike but at the moment im just looking for something that will get me around from A to B without worrying about it getting knocked off.

    Good thing is the TLR has an alarm, immobiliser and paging system fitted so i got just a little bit of reassurance. To be honest the NOS was more out of a dare but im not going to be a keyboard hero and say in going to use it. Im just looking for one of my mates who have more of a deathwish then what i do to try it out down calder and see what it pulls
  8. bonkers!

    TLR on NOS = double bonkers!

    Had a mate with a TLR, it was certainly a bike to be.... respected, if you know what I mean.
  9. brilliant! love it! blinged twin!

    and for 18k for your dream bike, I see no problem with that! bargain! and a custome bike to boot!

    And if your not prepared to use the nos, im more than happy to give it a go :grin:
  10. Hey cheky mate the only person who can judge that is yourself Yup $18000 is a fair wack of dosh to spend on a bile but the way I look at it is if you did it to increase the value of the bike then you have overcapitalised. If you did it for your own pleasure and plan to keep the bike then why not lad I love individualised motorcycle wether Jap sporty or harley no matter.

    Cheers and enjoy son its all good
  11. good job mate :)
  12. That bike is amazing, congrats on your build.
  13. You've got some interesting images there on your account :).

    Who cares what anyone else thinks, it's your bike, your money, and most of all, it's YOU who has to walk into the shed and enjoy looking at what you've done. It's a bit brash, for me, but it's not mine, so enjoy it :).
  14. TLR + NOS = :twisted:
  15. NOS on a TLR? Please tell me you swapped the shock to something that works? :grin:

    Awesome stuff.
  16. I think it looks gnarly, but I'd be very interested to hear about the mods done in a bit more detail. I'm with phizog, I hope you did something with the rear shock, and assume it has a steering damper...
  17. Chances are he's spent a bunch of coin on bling and it's still running stock suspension. LOL
  18. i have ordered ohlins rear shock and also ohlins steering dampner. just waiting for delievery which should be in the next week. The bike is currently sitting in the shop waiting for the parts to come in where it can be fitted.

    I think i could spare just that little bit extra "coin" not to kill myself with shit suspenssion.
  19. Good for you Cheky (nice number plate too :cool: ) - your bike looks awesome..great touch with the iridium screen as well...looks crazy.
    It'll be nice to hear your further comments after a session with the NOS.
    Please keep us updated...well done and great job !