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The time is nigh

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by NJS, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Weestrom

  2. er6-n

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  3. klr-650

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  4. either sv650

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  5. versys

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  1. I have posed the question before but am more confused than ever.

    Test and decision is upon me. Have the treasurers approval, so next week, most likely Tuesday, I will be buying gear and testing some shiny, pretty(to my eye) new toys. The daily commute is about 40k each way, with a 3k patch of dirt, highway speeds. While there is some nice tar locally, there is also lot's of groomed dirt, mostly in pretty good condition. Have an old XT250 that will be done up and registered. Will most likely travel to Sydney and back once a year, with some other short trips as well. Some trips will be with pillion, more often junior than adult. New to road riding but some experience on dirt. Do not feel the need to be the fastest, just the need to be on the back of a bike. My list will give an indication of price range. Want new for warranty and ease of mind, plus because I can. I sometimes think I've narrowed it down to 1 or 2, but then I read or think of some reason not to exclude a contender.
    So here it is, in no particular order. Comments, opinions, potential scratchings, experiences welcome and needed. Would like to have some sort of focus. ABS options will be taken on those that have them.
    sv650 either

    Have not seen anything from yam or honda that floats my boat, although cb400 is almost on the list as good buy for for when my wife gets her act together and assuming we get lams sometime in the next year
  2. I had a 10 year break from riding and bought a Weestrom. I rode it 5 k's home and then off we went for the next 20,000k's two up (not all in one go) over the next 16 months.
  3. Hayabusa.....

    Keeeeding, Keeeding.

    If you can handle the high seat on the wee-strom, then go for it. It's a little ripper of a bike, the most comfortable thing I've ever ridden.

    I think the KLR might be a bit vibey on long freeway stuff, but it'd be great if you plan to do more offroad shenanigans than on. Otherwise the rest of your list is a bunch of great bikes that all have a lot going for them. The Versys would probably be next on my list after the wee-strom, followed by the ER6 and the SV. Not that there's anything wrong with the SV, I'm just quite taken by Kawasaki's little parallel twin and the handling on their newer bikes.

    Make sure you test them all, you've put together a very solid list, one of them will probably jump out as the one that fits you best and feels easiest to ride.
  4. I voted Versys. It is perfect for your requirements. Wee-strom is in the same league but I prefer Versys because it seems physically smaller and nimbler. Although I might be a bit biased since I own its cousin, er6-n which is a cool bike as well but given your dirt road requirements I think Versys would work better in these conditions.
  5. Spanner thrown in works, because of a fcuking cage I own. Forrester needs new clutch, so budget is now down to 9k on the road. I doubt very much I can get the sv650 for that, but I will try. The er6-n and the klr are still possibilities.
    Another spanner in the works is a '04 speed triple with 50000ks I should be able to get for 9. Good idea, or too many ks?
  6. I voted the weestrom as they are a great all rounder.
    The KLR is a good bike but I know someone with one who does similar riding to you and they complain about the small fuel tank 14lt?
    Not sure what the ER6 is like on the dirt but they are a good medium road bike.
  7. Are you sure? KLR-650s are famous for their epic range. 22+ litre fueltank. 400+km range.

    Edit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KLR650 23L tank on the 1872-2006 model.
  8. Having sat behind a KLR 650 ridden by Alan Zimmer which managed to do 1651 kilometres in twenty one hours and 10 minutes, I would say that the KLR is an ideal bike.

    The actual on-road average speed for Melb-Grampians-Portland-Mt Gambier-Bordertown-Pinaroo-Ouyen-Wycheproof-Echuca-Shepparton-Violet Town - Melbourne was 105 kph.

    Ridden hard (Bordertown to Pinnaroo for instance we were absolutely flat out) the KLR averaged about 15 kms/litre over the whole trip which gives around 200 kilometres per tank (for a 14l tank). Ridden sensibly it should do a lot better.
  9. KLR650 for me, I haven't ridden any of the other bikes but liked the KLR. I rode from mornington to Arthur's seat and then back via Red Hill. A mix of freeway and some of the best twisties and sweepers around. I liked it but with no comparison?
  10. I voted Weestrom because I reckon they'd be more fun on the road than the other adventure bikes there and more capable on the dirt than the road bikes. They're around for $10K + ORC new if you could scrape up maybe 2 grand more than your 9, or there are very nice 2006 and 2007 ones on Bikesales for around 8 grand. Hard to go wrong, and I personally would advise saving 3 grand by getting a recent low km second hand one.
  11. Yeah, 9 will be the limit, so good 2nd hand is on the cards again. Will get a bike next week no matter what.
  12. yep, the weestrom i reckon is the ticket......ridden the klr and the lack of braking power on the tar was a huge concern imo.... :)
  13. I think 2004 was one year before the speed triple got really good.
  14. My apologies it's the KLE500 :oops:
  15. ;)
  16. i like the v -strom , i test rode one , very comfortable and upright, good value or mony as well.Good luck.
  17. Slightly off-topic-yet-related, I want one of the diesel KLR650 production-prototypes! ~800-1000km range to a tank!

    Looks like the diesel KLR650's commercial release has been delayed because the US marines have made a purchase order for them and will use up the workshop's production for a while to come. :)
  18. I got an er8 as its such a lovely thing to ride so I'd push for the versys. the v-strom is popular but its been around for a while and is older technology.

    whatever rocks your boat. there isn't a bad bike on your list
  19. I looked at the Strom and the Versys before buying the BMW. Out of those two I would go the Strom for the ABS and greater weather protection.