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The time has finally come...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by B1K3R, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Finally, I got the visa to move to OZ! I'm so excited and can't wait to lay foot again on the land where I feel home. I booked the flights straight away and will be landing in Sydney in Jan 2011.

    Yeah, have to wait some more but since renting is bloomingly expensive there (and I would need to find a job) I need to save some more ;) If it were for me I would sleep anywhere but with her royal highness and a little 4 yr old princess I better find a little comfy castle for them :)

    I heard its really tough to rent nowadays!, viewing on weekends and some 20 people show up for the same house! is it true??? I'll be looking at St George's area. What will be my best option to find long rent asap when I arrive?

    I have the intention to buy a bike straight away (since otherwise I wont be able to function properly :) ).....is a garage a must? I guess I would be risking if bike sleeps out...right? Plus I'm sure they wont insure me...??

    Do you guys drive in the current weather? I heard its been really cold. Here in my country, it never gets below 14 degrees so I dont know how it feels. I'm a hardcore rider, so guess I'll be fine, but good to have opinion so that I wont try to be a hero :)

    Sorry for long email and cheers for reading!

    Cheers to down under :)

    PS: cant wait to go on one of those long rides on my future bike!!!!!

  2. Welcome in advance.

    St George is an expensive area for rentals, huge numbers of houses and units have been bought up by Chinese and other non-Australian-born families, and those of the same race/religion get an inside path to renting them. "Auctioning' of rental properties is not uncommon, there and in many other places in Sydney. Unless you have very deep pockets I would suggest that you will have to live a bit away from the centre of Sydney and commute, as many thousands do, for the same reason. Many Sydney workers live in Wollongong where the rents are much lower, and commute the 70kays to work each day, or travel to Sydney by train.

    If you are going to live anywhere in the Greater Sydney area and you value your possessions I would say a garage is a must.

    Today's predicted temperature for Sydney is 16 degrees, but there is a perfectly clear blue sky and very little wind; perfectly acceptable riding weather on the coastal fringe.
  3. Hornet sounds a bit racist.
  4. Nah, he's just biased towards Wollongong...:)
  5. good luck and see ya on aussie soil soon :)
  6. I migrated 10 odd years ago from the uk best decision I ever made.
    Can`t really help with sydney as I now live in qld but welcome all the same for when you get here,where you moving from?
  7. I moved from Sydney about 5 years ago, so haven't been keeping track of it, but it doesn't look good from a renter's perspective at the moment :(

    http://www.quartile.com.au/Market Data/sydney.htm

    Do you like long commutes?
  8. I dont know if I should call it inner-west or the western suburbs but have a look at the parramatta/Baulkum Hills/Bankstown/Hornsby sort of band for rentals.
    Most western suburbs have great pubic transport available, unlike the red headed stepchild area that I live in whom the government hates.

    I would try and get a garage if you can, most rentals that are available would be shoeboxes, so having the extra space helps.

    And to protect your bike, dont worry. There are enough dropbears, hoopsnakes and funnelwebs to keep watch at night (most people wont leave their houses after 8pm due to them).
  9. Does this mean they've got you by the short & curlies out there? :)
  10. Thanks Hornet for the info!!! :) I am guessing it takes around 1 hour to ride by bike from Wollongong. My job will surely be in CBD....that would be a long commute I guess.


    That's nice to hear :) I'm from Malta.

    Thanks for the article. That's really a problem in Sydney. Well not really...up to 45 mins would be the limit I guess. Don't want to spend 2 hours everyday just driving...

    Well, I have already registered my daughter in a school in Brighton-Le-Sands and wife has some friends there. That's the reason I'm moving there, cause she needs to feel safe near friends since we have no family there. Otherwise she might run back to Europe, hehe.

    Yeah, guess garage is a must, I've seen on the net some rented units with garage so I should find something.

    Thanks guys for info.

  11. Pish posh what hornet's going on about! Wollongong to CBD is significantly longer than 1 hr. It takes me almost an hour to get down there from Cronulla area which is around 25 mins out of the CBD. Brighton is perfect, crime is low, its on the water and its close enough to town to trek in with ease.

    I'll take you to the pub to help you settle in, Brighton's pretty close to where I live and I'll dispel Hornets biased wollongian advice [-(

    Anyway man hope the trip goes well without a hitch ;)
  12. :? Did you read my post? I didn't say ANYTHING about the TIME to commute from Wollongong :?

    as for the gratuitous trash from the troll, no comment :roll:
  13. Yeah, rent in Sydney is abhorrent. Try the Ryde area if you don't mind living in a marginally dumpy complex with shit all room. Rent (for me, at least) is reasonable but mine just went up and probably will do so again in the next 6 months or so.

    Out of curiosity, why did you pick Sydney of all places?
  14. Thanks! :)

    I have some friends living down in Wollongong. They say its really nice down there :)

    As for the comment, dont worry about it, I know how to filter stuff ;)

  15. Heh, well, for starters, I'll rent something nice, a 2 bed unit or so in Brighton, kid is registered at school there and wife has some friends there. I'll be looking at $450 a week. if it wont be a nice unit, wife will run back, hehehe.

    Hmmm, why Sydney. I lived in Melbourne for a while and liked it. Work was good too. So this time, I'm gonna try Sydney for a change, kinda a new adventure. Work is great for me too in Sydney. However, I'll try Brisbane too at some point :)

  16. had a mate rented a unit at brighton, a stonethrow away from the beech, nice area, but the apartment was pretty run down, and the rent was 390 a week, 2 bedroom with a garage, this was like 3 years ago, so expect more now....

    but yea st george is a nice area, at that sort of money i would look at the industrial areas of st george that border canterbury/bankstown, i.e kingsgrove, bexlely north, beverly hills. the comments that hornet refers to is pretty much only hurstville, wolli creek.

    you could get lucky and get a unit/townhouse in some areas, however, how much is priotiy is train for you?
  17. Thanks for the info sunite!

    Nah, I hate the train and public transport (even though its useful at times). I'll commute with a bike and wife will have a car :)

  18. Mmm, if you're going to live in Brighton, you'll also have to have a Subbie with the fully sik woofers in the boot, mate!!!
  19. Hehehe...that's not my type mate :)

    Is that the general trend there???? I hate noise!

  20. Happy lappers don't frequent. Parra cops the heaviest load of the douff douff brigade. There are a couple of tools down the main strip on a weekend night but i've never seen anything ridiculous and I frequent the restaurants quite often.