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The time has come

Discussion in 'Archived' started by hornet, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. After just a bit over 7 years of ownership, and over 100,000kms of faithful service, the time has come to put the old Hornet on the market.

    Most of you know the bike's story, the several accidents, the long trips, and not a few of you have seen the bike in the metal.

    The bike has a partially repaired ding in the left hand side of the tank; all the other cosmetics are fine.

    There is a problem with the carburettors which I am sure a competent mechanic could spot and resolve very quickly.

    Apart from the engine protection bars and windshield, the bike is completely stock.

    The front Bridgestone BT-014 is near to replacement; the rear Metzler Z8 is nearly new.

    It's got NSW registration 'til August.

    Mileage dictates it cannot possibly be sold for a market-type price; I'd be happy to get $1,200 for it.

    Really clean Hornet 2.

  2. Oh dear! Also, first.
  3. Wow, what are you getting next?
  4. Never been above 80.
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  5. Do you have a replacement lined up, Paul?
  6. Did you win Ghostriders Turbo 'busa Hornet? :)
  7. Should go in a museum.
    The bike, I mean :bolt:
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  8. Hi I decided ill take this bike. ill pm you and dd money tonight
  9. ^^^ with extra to cover shipping as you are on an oil rig?

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  10. Damn! Beaten :(
  11. I've been fishing on the far South Coast since Friday night, so I haven't been on-line since then. I have just talked to textsy and he doesn't live on an oil rig, so it appears, pending some emails, the blue Hornet appears, against all possible of my expectations, to be sold.
  12. .... or maybe not :LOL:

    My buyer snagged a bargain closer to home, so the Hornet is still on the market...
  13. Sent you a PM!

    Maybe I wasn't beaten...
  14. indeed you were not

    PM replied to :LOL:
  15. What will your new username be? I propose SikTurboNOSBusa.
  16. Watch this space; sale of the Hornet or no, I expect to have another bike next week, and it will be bigger in capacity than Old Blue :wink:
  17. Oh the irony :LOL:

    It looks like gongrider is going to be the new owner of the Hornet, but here it is, a lovely sunny morning at the start of a lovely sunny long weekend and I don't dare ride the bike :rofl:
  18. One last blat,,,go on :biker:
  19. Congrats Hornet! Do we see a sports bike in your future?

    Tappin' not talkin'
  20. Well, I DID take the old girl out for a ride this morning; the sun was shining, the roads were dry and relatively drone-free and I had a ball. The Hornet has been such a wonderful toy over these years. Although I can't wait to upgrade, I will indeed miss her.

    The field of contenders (so far) is the gorgeous black ZX-9 advertised right here on Netrider (spoke to the owner this afternoon), the Fireblade I rode during the Christmas holidays, a blue VFR750 (ebay) in Sydney, or a red VFR800fi (bikeesales), in Tweed Heads, of all places.

    My heart says the Fireblade, because it jingled my bells like nothing else I've ridden, but I sense it still has its hooks in its owner's heart, and he's not quite ready to part with it.

    I've never ridden any VFR, (not even one of the three my brother's had) so I don't know how it will compare to the Hornet, apart from being very different.

    The ZX-9 is a complete change; I have heard it described as the Thinking Man's Superbike, so maybe it appeals to my ego and may NOT to my senses if I get to ride it.

    Anyway, as with everyone else in the same position, I am sure, part at least of the excitement is the unknown :LOL:
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