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The time has come: new bike!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Siilk, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. My LAMS period ended this week, which means it's time to upgrade to a bigger bike. :D With a budget of roughly 8-12 grands in mind, I made a list of bikes I want to have a closer look at and ultimately choose my new ride from. I plan to commute on the bike but also have some fun on weekends and potentially do some touring(not a high priority right now).

    So my main criteria are: 600-800cc bike with upright riding position, reasonable range per tank, enough power and torque to be fun to ride, nimble enough for both twisties and zipping around town and last but not least a cargo rack mount(yes, I do grocery shopping on my bike lol). So, here's the list so far:

    Yamaha MT07/MT09
    Aprilia Shiver 750
    Kawasaki ZR750
    700cc-ish Ducati Monster
    Suzuki GSR750
    Yamaha FZ6R
    Honda CBR500R

    As you can see, I'm mostly into naked bikes but I'm not ruling out an upright-ish sport bike. Cruisers and dualsport/adventure bikes are out of the question though, it's just not my cup of tea.

    So far I've test rode an MT07(which was an absolute blast to ride) and booked a ride on a Shiver(which I'm really looking forward to). But I also wanted to ask you guys if you have any recommendations for my list or maybe some feedback on one of the bikes I've mentioned?
  2. 700 maico
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  3. I wouldn't be inclined to go with the CBR500R, given that it's a Lams bike and your point is to upgrade.

    Personally I'd be going with the FZ6R, of course not the Lams version.
  4. Kawasaki z800 ?
  5. vfr with aftermarket bars
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  6. You've left out the Triumph Street Triple which IMHO is one of the better midrange non LAMS bikes.
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  7. Yeah, I saw a couple of Triumphs in the flesh today, they look very swish! Not sure of their rep for reliability though? Glad you loved the MT-07 test ride
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  8. +1 Ducati Monster. Especially if it has carbon pipes.

    IMHO, and on the road, mid range torque beats top end rush, and you get to feel it more often on any ride.

    With the carbon pipes, there's nothing quite like the sound and feel of revving it from 4000rpm to 7000 out of a corner, for me at least.

    Monsters are good manageable bikes with HUGE character, and heaps of fun to ride.

    It's heaps of fun picking a new bike. Enjoy the selection process.
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  9. Ditch the cbr500f.
  10. New or used ?

    What about a z1000 or a Brutale 800?
    Or Streetfighter 848 - used all of them have good examples available in your range.

    I'm also upgrading soon and into my 'nakeds'. I had a good look at the Shiver but felt that it was a bit outdated versus others. Don't really like the stripple's front headlight. The MT09 was good and has potential. Best bang for buck.

    Lost my heart on the MV. Motorcycle Art indeed.
  11. How about the CBR650f or cb650f? Both of those would fit what you're looking for and you can get a brand new one for 10k ride away.

    What you've described is going to be exactly the situation I'll be in in January. Rode a street triple R on Friday and while it was good, I'm just a little unsure about it....I think it was how quiet it was until you get higher in the rev range.

    If I had the funds, I'd buy a white monster 900 in a heart beat. Those bikes are simply the shiz....nizzles.
  12. I have a StreetTriple that I got 3 days after coming off my P's
    All I can say is WEEEEEEEEEEEE

    it's a top bike and hades like its on rails

    200kms to a tank
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  13. Personally Street Triple. I wouldn't discount the adv tourers like the Tiger 800 (XR800) or DL1000.

    There is nothing wrong with reliability of the Triumphs, they are as good or better than all of the other European brands. PM me if you like - I have a spread sheet with the details for most of these bikes, they were the ones I was looking at a while back.
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  14. With 12 grand why not buy two , week and weekender.
  15. Love my Shiver SiilkSiilk . When you test ride make sure you ride in both T and S modes (change via starter button in the fly) as there is a huge difference in performance. Don't do T only as you'll come away underwhelmed. Most of us ride in S only :)

    And try and find one with Akrapovics rather than stock exhaust - even just to listen to - a symphony of sound!!

    Have fun with all your test rides!
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  16. I own a street triple which I love, but for the money I recon the Yammies are pretty hard to go past.
  17. don't get the cbr500r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont get the fz6r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    do get a street triple!!!!!!!!

    (also check out the benelli bn600) it's a lot of fun
  18. Seems interesting, will check out this one as well.

    Used most likely, I don't want to spend too much if possible. But I am consider every option so buying new is not out of the question. As for your suggestions, anything bigger than 750 will most likely be too much for me in terms of raw power(and most likely weight). I'm coming from a 250 and after only a year and a half of riding I don't feel like I'm ready for a big-ish bike yet. I simply don't want to get something that I will struggle to control. Besides, I can always change the bike after a year or so if I will feel underwhelmed by it and end up yearning for more power.

    Regarding STripple, while I heard quite a lot of good things about it, it somehow never appealed to me. I sat on it and it felt surprisingly uncomfortable. And I have to admit, I'm not a fan of it's modernized bug-eyed look. I will probably try to test-ride one as well but so far it's not one of my primary targets.

    As for CBR500R, I too consider it an unlikely choice and have much more hopes for Fz6R. It has similar upright-ish riding position but seems to be a much better bike than a 500R.

    I'm sure all those bikes are good but dualsports and adv tourer are not what I'm looking for.
  19. I think a test ride will change your stance on the street triple. As far as reliability goes the street triple was much more reliable than my BMW has been.
  20. Can I ask where you are testing the Shiver?
    If it's the red/black one on Elizabeth St at the Yamaha dealer then that's my old girl.
    Has Akrapovic, heated grips, FatDuc - and 15T countershaft sprocket.

    Further to chillibuttonchillibutton's comment - try in T and S mode.
    If it is my old girl S mode + 15T will rip your arms off. :)
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