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The time came...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by tonee, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Just before new years I was riding my way out of a parking lot. Out from empty parking spaces, a car came zooming out my way. The bike T-bones the car as it crosses my path.

    So pretty much all of the front is damaged, RHS fairings and bent forks.


    What I want to ask is, what are the chances of it being written off? and should I remove some goodies before the insurance company take it away?

    If I claim my damaged gear, do I have to give it to them or I get to keep them?

  2. 60-75% cost of replacement is usually around the mark that they write bikes off at.

    Though every company is different, it depends on how well they resell, I would say that a Viffer would resell better as a wreck hence will be written off at a lower damage.

    Technically the gear is theres, keep it until they ask for it.
  3. At a rough guess, the bike will be written off.

    As far as gear is concerned, when I claimed I had to send the damaged items to my insurers (at their postal expense).
  4. Bad luck buddy. I am laying here in a bit of pain from the same thing. I am hoping mine is a write off as well.
    Hope your ok. That's the main thing.
  5. That bike is done...but if you want to make sure...the odo shouldn't light up :)
  6. Worth remembering Smokae, but howcome?
  7. I'm ok just had a couple of bruises hope you're ok too!

    The odo lights on, the engine also starts
  8. Sorry to hear, Tonee !!!
    Glad that you're okay..phew !
    A bike will come and go, and in its place will be a better, sexier beast.
    Speedy recovery...and when at 100% physically, and your saga is dealt with you'll be having the last laugh hunting for new wheels.
  9. I've already started to hunt for the new wheels hehe...Although I shouldn't yet just in case the insurance company disappoints by repairing the bike rather paying me out.

    Any recommendations? I want a sexy sports bike for commuting. I've got a short list of the 750 K8, CBR1000RR 06+, or a newer CBR600?
  10. I'm biased with the GSXR750 - one of my former bikes was the K7, I loved it ! I can't stop raving about my K5 (1000cc) as Suzuki bikes seem to be confidence-inspiring from the moment you sit on them. Each to their own though mate, so do yourself a favour and take each bike for at least a 1hr test ride. This'll be plenty of time on each to reveal the positives/negatives (if any) to assist in making your decision.

    Have you considered the Daytona 675/R ? Have a quick read of Raven's new bike thread to see the hoards of happy owners, including Raven himself who moved onto one from a CBR1000RR. I'd be betting he's the man to be seeking advice from.

    Best of luck mate.
  11. Vehicles with digital odometers often have a computer. If the assessor turns the key and finds the odo LCD broken or not powering up they often assume damage to the computer, which I may say, can be achieved with the old saying "12 volts, gets results!" <direct to the circuit board components>.

    Given this was such a bad front on impact, I wouldn't be surprised if such a bad knock had been taken to destroy the odo & dash...very expensive bit of unit to replace, and if the computer is done, the original kilometres cannot be recorded.
  12. Perfect. Thanks mate.
  13. Where does this idea that bikes are written off at a drop of a hat come from? Forks can be repaired and even replacements don't have to be that expensive. Fairings can be pricey, but not enough on their own to tip the balance. Shops can only charge the factory set amount to replace the parts, so not even labour can be forced to load the quote up.

    Is the bike insured for market or agreed? How old is it?
  14. its an 04 and I think it's agreed value.
    The insurance guy over the phone said its likely to be written off because its too dangerous to repair or something.
    I had a look at auctions before with bikes from insurance companies, most of them only had fairing damage or front collisions.
  15. yup....they economically wrote it off.
    so what can I get for 8k?
  16. Did you strip all of your bits off it?
  17. Not really...