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The three most frustrating things (besides the laws) about driving and riding in Victoria…

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. And by three I mean four. Maybe other states do these, but when I lived in Sydney I wasn't old enough to drive so I never noticed:

    1. Roads that change their name: Sydney Rd aka Hume Highway aka M31 (?). Dandenong Rd aka Queens Way aka King St. So on, so forth. This makes navigation an absolute bastard.

    2. Street signs: Is it THAT FUСKING HARD to put up a street sign at every intersection so you know what street you're crossing (or for that matter, what street you're on?). On a related note, if you're on a major road, there should be signs telling you at least a little bit ahead of time what the next cross street is.

    3. Resetting addresses: Meet you at 181 Chapel St? Is that 181 Chapel St in Prahran, Windsor, St Kilda, South Yarra, or what?

    4. Roads with the same name within reasonably short distances of each other. Do we really need 16 or whatever different Wellington Street/Rd/Place, etc in the Melbourne metro area? Grow some fuсking creativity!

    This message brought to you by the guy who got totally goddamned lost today :rofl:
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  2. it is not much better in NSW and where i lived in QLD it was worst there was a hole town that ever street was called James street with a number on the end and the numbers where all over the place
  3. i was thinking the exact same thing today trying to navigate an unfamiliar area.
    some laneways have better signage than major intersections. ridiculous
  4. NSW goes one better, I remember driving along a road in the northern suburbs one time, looking for an address, only to discover that the street name had changed and the road I was meant to be on had continued off at right angles.
  5. Real men don't get lost.
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  6. 1. Tailgaters
    2. Tailgaters
    3. Tailgaters
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  7. Ahh, I see. So what you're saying is it gives you the shits when the same road has different names through different suburbs. Can't say it bothers me but I see where you're coming from there. :)
    And yes, it also gives you the shits when the same road keeps the same name through different suburbs. :-s
  8. People who sit in the right lane doing below the limit and not moving over, and people in the left lane doing below the limit as well so its a rolling road block.

    sometimes i want to split between them, but knowing my luck the **** in the right will decide to move over finally and take me out.
  9. My fave some years ago was entering sydney for the first time, and highway 1 apparently went left, right, and straight ahead according to the advisory sign WTF? All five lanes, every direction?
  10. Re point 2 - street signs that are that damn small I have no hope of seeing what they say until I'm just about past them.
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  11. My house is physically not on the street that is in its address, if that makes sense.
    No, of course it doesn't, who would do such a stupid thing!

    I like (dislike) #1, when you're riding/driving along and you see a street sign off to one side that happens to be the street that you are (thought your were) on.

    I've never been to Vic, but I thought the list may have been something like;
    - rain
    - cold
    - people
  12. Cheer up, you can park on the footpath!
  13. Proof that all roads lead to Sydney
  14. And you are right that is a seriously awesome thing. I wonder if it will stay that way?
  15. I certainly hope so, there's fekk all parking to be found elsewhere in Melbourne.

    Also if netrider ever publishes a newspaper/magazine I want grue to be the one who gets to write the half/full page opinion pieces :D (The ones before letters to the editor)
  16. In Melbourne? What did you do, ride down the one curvy road?

    To answer the question, twatheaded drivers. Apart from that, can't say we have it too bad.

    Although if I had to have a superficial whinge, the size of the place - too much transit time to get out of the burbs and into the fun parts.
  17. I would add the schizophrenic speed limits.

    Straight piece of road with no obvious difference to the previous 1km worth of 70kph but someone has in their infinite (lack of) wisdom decided that a 400m stretch needs to be a 60 zone... Then back up to 70.

    Either make the whole stretch 60 or make all of it 70 but for the love of all that is good in this world, just get some god damn consistency!

    This only bothers me because I am the perfect example of a law abiding rider that firmly believes in sticking to the speed limit *cough*
  18. Seems alot of streets in Syd are cut in half by a park or shopping areas too.

    I got lost the first time I tried to find the St george bank on Ware St (should be renamed Where?? St!) in Fairfield (this was pre-GPS):

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  19. Try going back to Melbourne when you haven't lived there for more than 10 years. It feels like every time I go back something's different. But then I've always been geographically challenged.

    Having said that, the road I live on in Gippsland has 3 different names. I choose to use the one that is the quickest to write - as in one word, not a hyphenated multi word name. Couldn't care less what anyone else calls it.