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The thread I hoped I'd never have to write

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goz, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. What a day..

    Was at home watching the footy (NRL) with the almighty Bulldogs Vs scumbags Roosters, the day was good, Doggies beat Scumsters and i was happy, i was that happy i went for a celebration ride

    Headed off not knowing where to go so i went where the road took me, hit the M4, go down Wallgrove Road, ended up at Warragamba Dam still with a smile on my face, the weather started to turn so i headed for home, crusing along enjoying my ride, i start heading through the farm areas around Horsley Park, couldnt believe how many mansions are around that place, was good to look at, at this point it started to piss down so no more looking at mansions and time to officialy head home, get back on to Horsley drive heading back to Wallgrove Road i come to a S bend and decide to take it easy as the road was wet, i go around the first bend and head into the 2nd bend and see that im about to hit some cow manure scatterd over the road, at this point i said to myself, there is no time to swerve around it so hold on and go over it, what a mistake that was, i hit the manure and the bike slides from under me.

    I was wearing my 1 piece Berik suit and thank God i did, the bike slid on its left side then flipped over onto its right side, if it stayed on its left, damage would of been minimal thanks to the oggys but the flip to the right cause some major damage, fairing shattered, big ding in the tank, snapped handle bar and so on

    Called a mate with a van to come and pick up the bike, Didnt call the cops incase they wanted to give me a neg driving charge, just made the claim through IMR online

    Ive never done insurance before as i have never had a prang in my 20 odd years of driving/riding and have never lost a point off my licence so dont know what to expect from it, i sort of feel dirty doing it but as the saying goes, thats why we pay insurance

    So to sum it up, it was a case of nowhere to go and hope for the best situation, shit happens, but shows it can happen to anyone
  2. Damn sorry to hear Goz. I haven't yet had to ride thru cattle dung as yet in the wet. My brother from the UK (now in AU) was actually telling me recently that horse or any cattle dung was one of the most dangerous things to ride over. Hope everything works out well with IMR and on the bright side you get to shop for a shiny new bike.
  3. Thanks for sharing your ordeal with us mate. It will help all and sundry to further instil a sense of care whilst riding on suburban roads - we're not bulletproof at all whilst out there. Glad to hear that you are in 100% shape, again a tribute to the fine quality Berik leather gear.

    "So to sum it up, it was a case of nowhere to go and hope for the best situation, shit happens, but shows it can happen to anyone"
    Amen, brother ! There it is, right there - can't be any closer to the truth, sadly enough.

    Onwards and upwards mate (y)
  4. Thanks mate, friggin not happy, that was my pride and joy and actualy shed a tear for it today
  5. Glad to hear you are okay Goz. Sorry about the bike. Good luck with the insurance.
  6. While we were waiting for our Hire car to be fueled at Bathurst Avis, I was speaking with anothr customer who works in a bike shop up at Coffs.
    He was saying how a great deal of "offs" on the Oxley are caused by cow sh1t from the cattle trucks.
  7. Sorry to hear this Goz.
    I guess it's more frustrating being such an innocuous encounter with a cow pat on the road.
    Glad your ok though.
  8. Sorry to hear that mate. At least you are alright!
    Bikes and parts can be replaced, I know it is a pain in the arse and is upsetting when something you love gets broken! It is better than hurting yourself!
  9. yeah really sorry to hear Goz.
    bikes not important though.
  10. Better that it's because of manure on the road as opposed to a piece of shit behind the wheel.
  11. Sounds like genuine "bad luck". Sorry to hear about it, glad you're OK.
    What next? Another R?
  12. Sorry to hear about that, Goz. Happy you're ok, but it's a sh1t thing to have happen. Hope it all works out for you with the insurance and so on.

    Cowpats are ... well, they're sh1t, in more ways than one. They're bad enough to ride onto off road, but they're much worse on the road, and in the wet - they're Australia's answer to black ice. Nearly half the single bike accidents that happen, are because of gravel on the road, oil, diesel, or cowpats.

    The other half? Those are because we f#ck up.
  13. well, if they write it off, my sports bike days are over, either a cruiser or tourer to start enjoying my ride from now on and take in the sights, and to take the mrs around
  14. That sucks man, glad you're ok. Shame about the bike, it was purdy.
  15. So the Berik's held up great? What about your gloves,boots and helmet? they make contact with the road?
  16. Ah shit sorry to hear Goz, that's the second R I've heard of this week written off due to bad weather n all. Not good for the Yamaha population. :-(
  17. Your karma has come back to bite you, for your swearing, I reckon.
  18. If you must buy a tourer, FJR13s are nice. Bit short of clearance, but I'm told that an Ohlins or other after market shock will usually be at least an inch longer than stock, and the clearance issue is easy enough to fix if you want to. And then you can humiliate sports bike riders on a big girl's blouse...

    How 'bout a compromise? VFR800?
  19. If it happens, they could fix the bike yet, not sure

  20. lol thats fuked eh