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The third coming

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BLABBUS TOOLICUS, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. I have come for the third time,I hope its as memorable as I remember.

  2. Welcome back.
    Your wisdom was missed.
  3. Missed you too.
  4. 3 times? you're a machine!! lol
  5. You're AWESOME!
  6. Righto,what threads are the arguements in,,maybe me old mate Raven is still here ?
  7. Perhaps sir might like to see something in a splitting or squidding thread?
    We've been doing them over and over here and are quite good at them...
  8. Can I ease into it with a nodding thread ? Then take on the big issues.
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  9. Allow me to present you with a complimentary "Thanks" - they're new since you were last here and have proven to be quite a hit with our regular patrons.
  10. Im back,its now confirmed.
    Old boots and all..comfy
  11. ok i missed it, which troll were you???
  12. So you did miss us!!!

    ...or have they just let you out?
  13. Just got out today,,did miss you,but my aim is improving.
  14. Welcome - funny coz I'm new and you aren't - but when you get the choke off, jump into one of the "bikers do/don't have themselves to blame if they bring on the wrath of the law" arguments - they're a hoot.
  15. That's good to hear. Some of us got quicker while you were away.
  16. Speak for yourself Chef, this place fosters the more rounder shaped male specimens.
  17. Hello Blabber - welcome back. You're only just in time. We need to be saved. There are new arrivals selecting small Hysungs as their avatars, and asking where the learner rider sessions are held, and then on the next post, how to find and fit a turbo to their mighty Korean icon. Pretty soon they're going to ask how you outrun the cops, and I'm shaking in my boots at the prospect. It's an enormous relief to know you're back to take care of stuff like that.
  18. Oi! I resemble that remark. And at no time has anyone given me any Fosters :)
  19. ok...am i out of place asking who this blabber person is? (or what his netrider name used to be for catching up on things?)