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the things you see..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bigfella, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. what are some of the strangest things you have seen riders doing?? Not squidding, but just plain weird!
    Saw a scooter rider in the city yesterday with his mobile phone jammed up the side of his open face helmet, talking and riding. Kinda wondered how it was held in place, assumed rubber band, but then wondered why he didn't have an ear & mouth piece connected :?

  2. i tried to have a ciggie in a full face helmet. if i didnt have gloves on it woulda been possible :oops:
  3. I drank a beer in a full facer. Piece of piss.

    I have also seen a mate doing a highchair rolling burnout in his underwear.

    ...not to mention the countless naked people I have seen on bikes.
  4. I was awfully tempted to fumble the digital still camera out of my pocket while riding and take a shot the other day, but given that it was my daughter's camera and she would have murdalised me if I'd dropped it I resisted the temptation. A guy who monoed down between two lines of cars while splitting is up there for oddest things I've seen.
  5. I know its not quite the same - but one of the funniest things I've ever seen was a guy on his stag night - riding naked down chapel street on a kids tricycle...all his mates were running alongside him laughing their heads off...

    Still puts a smile on my face when I think about it...
  6. On my way to queensland last January I saw a couple of Harleys with pillions going up the Olympic Hwy playing catch with a tennisball. I'd say that'd have to be up there. It looked hell fun though!

    Speaking of tennis balls... had some prick of a delinquent child throw a tennisball at me out the window of a Commodore on Blackburn road. Followed the car up Coleman Prde making a lot of noise then burned past while giving the kid the bird. That was fun.
  7. saw a guy on a scooter the other day riding into the setting sun wearing an open face helmet & no sunnies.

    one hand on the throttle, the other hand raised up to his face to block out the sun.

    he did this the whole way down a major road.
  8. I had to do that the length of the eastern fwy once. It's really annoying. :?

    It also means you can't indicate, just like when you ride with a bunch of flowers in your hand etc... Give the guy a break. :LOL:
  9. to be honest the first thought through my head when I saw him nearly get collected by about 3 cars exiting & entering the shopping center he was riding past, that he didn't see cause his hand was blocking them, was "he's either stupid, or has huge balls"

    i almost wanted to chase him down & hand him sunglasses.
  10. One of the benefits of being a guy is that both are possible.
  11. I chain smoked for years in a full face helmet whilst commuting. Leave it open about 10 mm and it is possible with roll-your-owns.

    But I had a moustache and full beard then - I remember accelerating down the highway, the visor snapped shut, the fag bent, and I was staring at the glowing embers, whilst I smelt my moustache burning.

    Funny now, but not funny then.
  12. Riding down the hume highway last year, Saw a rider on a gpx250 going the other way, the rider had his head on a bag at the back of the motorcycle with his feet up on the bikes visor, guess he had a tiresome day at work. :LOL:

    He was in traffic at the same speed as the other cars if not a little faster, Bloody funny.
  13. bugger me how does that work?
  14. You let go of the handle bars, lie back and put your feet up?

    You'd need some kind of throttle lock or something by my guess.
  15. ah stuff doing that, i enjoy life and my bike
  16. The weirdest thing I have seen would have to be a harley rider wearing an open face helmet smoking while riding. I imagine the cigarette prob only lasted for 20 secs before burning out when he was on the move :LOL:
  17. Whats wrong with that? You wouldve ridden blind instead? :?
  18. I had to do this the other day & my visor is tinted! Mind you I was on my way back frm Noogee, kinda important to get those twisties right those walls of rock n dirt wld hurt.

    Seany- TNOR flowers!!! That's so sweet!

    Bravus-Bloody hell man where have you been hiding? Still getting up at the crack for you radio program?

    Funniest thing I've ever seen is a guy revvin his throttle to show some fly by interest in a girl walkin down the street :jerk: & releasing the clutch early & popping an accidential mono & almost stackin his bike :LOL:
  19. Well, Ive had phone conversations on my mobile while riding, I've put the phone on speaker and stuff it down the inside of the lower section of my helmet and my upper lip and chat hands free. The phone sits on the bottom rim of the inside of my helmet.

    Ive smsed people with my left hand whilst travelling in traffic and on the highway doing 130-140kmh.

    Carried a pillion going down into the domain tunnel, pulled the choke out so it would run with no throttle, pulled out my phone, turned around and faced backwards and started videoing the passenger, the tunnel and the rest of the ride with no hands this was late at night with little traffic then over the tunnels loud speaker came the voice of someone telling me off and to ride my bike correctly.

    With my left hand I also videoed Vapour Lock following him late one night doing about 135 kmh while we were all on an after ride on the mystery ride night heading to Mount Macedon. No sweat!

    Disclaimer; If law or traffic enforcement officers are reading, I didnt let the truth get in the way of a good story. :p
  20. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Smartee. You possessed by the devil dood. :LOL: