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The things you see on the road...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I am the Stig..., May 20, 2008.

  1. I'm in Adelaide (which might explain a lot...), but I've recently seen some classics out on the road....

    Last saturday - cyclist crossing the main intersection of Greenhill Road onto the Anzac Highway in a Cathy Freeman-esque full on lycra bodysuit. In white - and yes, it was see-thru on the rear. :shock: Cue lots of laughter from all car occupants at the lights rather than the usual race from the lights... :roll: Sadly, I doubt the cyclists name was cathy, probably more a cyril/chris/charlie judging by the wobbling midriff/lunchbox and the row of hairs coming out of the back! And to think Sexpo hasn't even started yet! :LOL:

    Today - coming out of Pirie St into King William was a scooter rider. This guy (or gal) must have got up this morning thinking they'll ride the bike to work, to find a flat/empty tank/missus has already taken it. I can't think of another reason why you'd ride a scooter wearing the full face helmet, leathers (with sliders!), racing gloves (all in black) and a pair of crisp white running shoes.... :LOL: Apologies if you read this, but I crossed the road in front of you in complete stitches, couldn't help myself - and this is the person who wears full leathers on the 150ccNSR... :oops: Safety first I suppose, so -1 for forgetting the race boots mate! :p

    Makes a change from seeing people walking down rundle mall in their dressing gowns and slippers I suppose!!

    Is this an SA thing, or are there any unusal sights out on the roads in NSW/VIC/QLD? :wink:
  2. Would be funny if the scooter rider had a "My other ride is a Ducati Desmocidici (sp?)" sticker on the back.
    Don't really blame him though, safety first, in my opinion.
  3. lol you can only hope the scooter was used as a "loaner" while his bike is being serviced... I think I'd tell them I'll just walk rather than ride a scooter
  4. notorious_nick rides a suzuki across with alpinestars mx-1, track pants and oxtar race boots :LOL:

    Won't be so bad when he gets his tyga'd screaming daemon'd 250rr back from the shop (insurance job)
  5. And there I was thinking I was about to cop it for my wide load bringing the curtain rods home from Freedom on my Vespa on Saturday.

  6. Especially when you operate the clutch on the scooter the first time :LOL:
  7. i rode a scooter for the first time last week on magnetic island,queensland.never before in my life had i felt the need to wear the most protective apparel i could possibly get!
  8. do it in BALI! A will is part of your lease contract.... I am so sure of it.
  9. Saw something mega strange on Military Rd (Neutral Bay) today on my way to work. Girl (brunette) on a black Hayabusa.

    Full faced helmet.


    Leather jacket.

    Bikini bottom/underwear + boots.

    I had my jaw to the ground and I was NOT the only person staring... If the girl is here on this board - weren't you cold, and are you not afraid of losing skin if you fall???

  10. That is AWESOME
  11. Actually no. I thought it was rather stupid. All I saw was leather... leather... stripy bottom...leg... leather.

  12. :shock:

    It was pretty cool this morning too! Maybe she forgot to put her pants on? Would have thought she would notice before getting to a road though.
  13. She was just being cool, stupid... but cool :cool:

    I just hope she doesn't come off like that cause she won't want to show her butt/legs after a fall :shock:
  14. She was on a 'busa... She can go faster than pain.

    ... AWESOME
  15. Maybe she was worried her butt would look big in leather pants.
  16. ZING!~
  17. :rofl:

    If that is the case, thank you Peaches :applause:
  18. Yeah it is pretty awesome.
  19. ..............


    I give up!
  20. Peaches - they do it in europe all the time.