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The things you find when your bike gets a service

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by zilly, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. I took my bike in for a service yesterday (6000km). And on its return I received lots of random bits and pieces.
    The mechanic said "I found lots of things on your bike"
    and I go "good or bad?"
    Mechanic: "good... a commodore car key..."
    me: "wha... where did you get that from, its not mine..."
    Mechanic: "from the main seat, stuff that's fallen through from the pillion seat"
    me:"oohhh interesting"

    So I went home with a bag of loot, consisting of:
    a commodore car key
    a garage door opener
    a plastic lid (I assume for putting the stand on)
    a couple of reflectors
    a random rubber strap

    none of its mine. I am thinking of ringing the dealer who sold me the bike, to get the previous owner on the other end to do a trade.. his stuff for my spare key.

  2. Stick all together and see it as overpriced crap. I mean a sculpture
  3. LOL suprised they actually stayed in the bike. Yea or go around the carparks with the coomo key n see if it wil open any cars :LOL: cruise around with the garage remote and see if yoiu can open anyones garage :twisted:

    I'll say its worth a trade for a spare key...if he still has it. otherwise charge him 50buks and go get yourself a sparekey cut
  4. score!.

    No garuntee's the stuff might even be from the direct previous owner (unless of course your the 2nd owner)
  5. dude its only done like 6000kms gota 2nd owner?
  6. I suspect the previous owner may have had children! :grin:

    You'd be amazed at the things kids stick in speakers, so far at work we've had:

    Lots of lego,

    A rubber Lizard,

    A tamogotchi,

    Someones car keys,

    A block of soap.

    I'm sure there's more, I forget the rest.
  7. Hmm, full of opportunity and risk.

    Opportunity to get the spare key. But if (s)he couldn't even remember that (s)he left his/her (oh okay, only a bloke would do this) spare commodore key in a bike, what is the chance that he could find the bike's spare key, even if he still had it?

    Risk in that if he identifies who you are, or where you live, remembering that he had to sell a pretty young bike with few Km on it and may be in financial distress, he may try to reappropriate the bike. He knows what it looks like, and the number plate after all.

    So just be careful in any exchange transaction Zilly.
  8. hmm yes he does have a spare so he can try to steal your bike. i suggest keeping your mouth shut. and jsut going to locksmith and getting a key cut.
  9. I haven't checked, but I hope it isn't that simple on a 2008 Suzuki GSXR600. The key is sure to be electronic, isn't it?
  10. Nah, it's just me. when I see a bike parked I just go and stick sh!t in it. I then walk away chuckling to myself.

    One day, when I'm older, I hope to yell at random strangers on the street.
  11. Already done that but I still wanted the original key... had to get a blank from suzuki, then cut at a locksmith, then take it to the mechanics to get reprogrammed to the immobolizer....

    According to the manual you can only have 4 keys linked to the ECU otherwise you have to replace the ECU if you lose all those.

    I bought it from a dealer with 4 and a half thousand kms on it. It only had the one previous owner, hence why I figured I would ring the dealer and organise a trade... I am pretty confident the previous owner has no idea where I live.
  12. well if he does then he'll be the first one on the suspect list
  13. What locksmiths do you guys use? I can't find one that will cut a key for my across.

    I've tried searching here and google but can't come up with anything (feel free to prove me wrong!)
  14. I just went to one of those ones in shopping centres. But I had already bought the blank directly from Suzuki.

    Are they saying no, just because they don't have the blanks, or because you look dodgy?
  15. The random rubber strap is for your helmet.
  16. that's what I initially thought, but both the rear cowl and the pillion seat both have helmet locks
  17. He didn't say motorcycle helmet. :-w
  18. could be a toy of some sort.....
  19. To keep either the battery or toolkit in place?