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The things people wear...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. ...last Saturday I was riding in the Dee Why area when at an intersection I saw an old geezer on, what looked like a, fairly new BMW bike...wearing...an open-faced helmet (no problem there), board Shorts and...this is what shocked me most - THONGS!! I mean seriously, how can you safely and efficiently operate the gear and rear brake levers with THONGS? :shock:

    Then another incident which made me laugh...On my way to work last week...I'm at a traffic light on Warringah Rd. Lady on a scooter in the road coming from the right (I won't mention the road...she may be a NR member :LOL: )...Light goes green for her....she pulls away...her skirt blows up....she is desperately trying to steer with one hand whilst with the other holding the dress down....As she passes me, I notice the 'L-Plate' at the back...

    Now I'm an L-Plater too but even I can work out that a dress and any two wheeled vehicle ain't a very sensible combination unless you want to do a Marilyn Monroe on a motorcycle/scooter :LOL:
  2. about a week ago I saw a dude on a cbr250r near Chapel st here in Melb wearing helmet, gloves, singlet, boardshorts and NO SHOES at all - I had to look back three times just to make sure I wasn't seeing things....the dude was riding in bare feet....wtf?
  3. Yeah Thongs...I've seen it a couple of times. He must not have a crappy gear box like mine... stamp down.. snap foot off flicking up. Some BMWs I have tried have pretty loose gearboxes though so it might be a lot easier in thongs or he just might be more of a man than I.

    I fully support the wearing of skirts by females on bikes/scooters in all circumstances... to limit a womans attire would be entirely sexist. That said I'd have fewer near misses. :grin:
  4. mmmm short skirted cute girls on vespas! I love summer :LOL: :LOL:

    Wearing a thong might be a bit rough on the bum though, those seats get pretty hot :shock:

  5. I stunt in thongs :butt: its one of my signatures :p
  6. Who gives a rats aarse?

    This sort of thread has been done to death, it's an individuals choice to wear whatever they do or don't like. They will suffer the conaequences in the event of a slide down the road, get over it.
  7. If you live anywhere near Bondi you see tools riding in shorts, singlets and thongs ALL the time.

  8. yea seen heaps of them down beach road. they are normally the latte sipping wankers who cant ride for shit on big bikes with 2 inch wide chicken strips.

    if they ever come off i wouldnt want to be anywhere near them.

    the choice is simple.

    wear decent gear v/s get skin grafts and look like michael jackson in parts......
  9. Got this from advrider....


    Scary what some people will do...
  10. :shock: :shock: :shock:
    FLIPS!!! That pillion must have ALOT of faith in the rider.... :shock:
  11. All the pommy backpackers.....
  12. I ride with bare feet and nothing but shorts on a regular basis.

    True, its just down the street though..
  13. they probably dont have any faith now..

    maybe its just the photo but it looks like they are about to go on a tandem slide
  14. It reminds of these 2 gorgeous chicks riding gsxr1300's or similiar with tight shorts and singlets with sandles , at the time i was in the car with the wife and i could here the bikes coming up behind us at the lights , i looked over & though i was dreaming , these girls were just so sexy i started salivating, unfortunately the arrow turned green and we had to go ,wife didnt talk to me all the way home !
  15. Apparently she ended up with arse burn and permanent scarring..
    Don't know about him though...

    They did slide though.
  16. would be my guess by the pic, because that is a mighty lean, especially with a pillion.
  17. Yeah look at the front wheel... Unless that guy has mad recovery skills, It'd be all over. It was worth it though, because what a photo :LOL:
  18. Its not the lean angle thats the problem. Ive sean that sort of lean on plenty of bikes over the years.

    The problem is the front wheel.
    When i spotted the front wheel my first thought was "arrr thats gunna hurt"
  19. I have the before shot on my hd :?

  20. is there an after shot, cos from the look of that front wheel that things going down.