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The Things passing cars do.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by L0Ki, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Weird story. Thought i'd share befor eim off for work.

    Coming home along the M4 from penrith i was sitting in the left lane doing abit above what im supposed to. Anyway i look over as a car passes and some chick in the passenger side holds up a sign (piece of A4 paper) saying

    "I can see your doodle" in thick red texta.

    I was like wtf and just looked at them. Didnt look down because i know they couldn't because last time i checked i had underpants on and my fly was done up. So i guess it was a compliment then. Sure if they could see it through all my clothes. LOL

    This is not the first time sosmething like this has happened. On on eof my first outings onto cumberland hwy some imitated me in the car next to me as i looked over doing a gesture as to say she was riding a bike. Thi sone got embarressed though when i looked.

    Anyway. Anyone got any other funny things hapen to them by passing cars.
  2. You attract strange people. :shock:

    Stay away from me.
  3. 'Tis a strange place, the Western Suburbs of Sydney :LOL:.
  4. thats what the way to pickup out west....

    i had a couple of guys moon me in the eastern suburbs from the back of their car ( i think thats how they pick up in the inner city )
  5. Best be glad we're in Melbourne :wink:
  6. Where the only thing that passing cars do is shoot at you :p
  7. Haha, they probably had 'Beer Goggles' on :LOL:

    I would of grabbed the crotch reason, then did a hand gesture 'you and me' to them lol. But i joke around a bit, so probably only funny to me.
  8. I've had a dude run up and sit on my bikes pillion seat at a set of lights.

    Then a short while later some chick flashed me at the same set of lights.

    Although this was both at summernats time so I'd of been disappointed if something interesting didn't happen....
  9. yeah. my smartass mate at the lights next to me.
    miming pull-starting a whipper-snippr. i imitated kicking him through his window till the lights went green and we rolllllled
  10. am i the only one that would have attempted to stand up on my pegs and try to lower my fly?


  11. I probably wouldve tucked my jeans into my boot.
  12. Thanks for the ideas. Now i'll have some ideas on what to do next time im in this situation. :p

    All i could think was dont look down and check cause thats what they wanted me to do i thought.
  13. lol...crazy
  14. ^CLASS

  15. You sooooo should have rolled the throttle and filter up through some traffic to give him the fright of his life! :twisted:
  16. But unfortunately in Carrum Downs.. where somehow you can get badged and have your wheels jacked while still riding.

  17. Hahaha, says he from Frankston!
  18. well yes i used to work with a guy from franga.. pitty they dont wear more of them i say.. this way the six toes from carrum wouldnt be so rife in the cummunity.