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The Therapy of Motorcycles.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FoxRiderJ, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. I had posted this on another (international) motorcycle forum, but i'd like to know what our local netriders think:

    So the girl I've had feelings for, whom is aware of my feelings for her, showed her true colors last night. She walked away from me hand in hand with another guy, at our company party. Blatantly shoved it in my face.

    After a miserable night and 3 hours of sleep, i was determined not to let some girl ruin my self worth. So i check out of my hotel, put on my leather jacket, and hop on the ever faithful Suzuki.

    120 k's and 3 hours later, after receiving a handful of smiles and stares of female passer bys, i'm feeling alive. Sure the girl drifted in and out of my thoughts as i rode, but the Suzi was quick to get my mind back in focus, either with a roar from her exhaust or telling me to buffer away from cagers.
    If i had stayed locked up in my room who knows what kind of self depreciating pathetic mess i would've been.

    I know this isn't much of a conversation but i had to put this out there.

    One of man's meaning in life for happiness:

    Disregard female. Acquire motorcycle.
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  2. The mental health benefits of riding have been well established. Our sorceress of foo, NightOwl has put up some research/studies that lays it plain.

    Riding a bike can help you break through the swirling thoughts, into the present, and get you focussed - giving clarity.

    If the blues are too great though, pop a St Johns Wort tab or brew a St Johns Wort tea and then go for a ride... you don't want to be riding with strong negative emotions guiding your inputs into the bike.
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  3. I try to think: Disregard STRESS. Enjoy Life. Enjoy Motorcycles.

    One doesnt HAVE to acquire a motorcycle because a female broke his heart. A lot of things cause stress and a lot things give us happiness.

    My 2c.
  4. No but for some unfortunate blokes theyre the bane of their existance. 7 Months ago theor was a future mrs funkmonkey. 6 months ago their wasnt. 5months ago i hated the world. 3 months ago i got my bike licence and bike now i couldnt give 2shits. Im the happiest ive ever been.
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  5. I know/feel what you mean. Been there..done that! :)
  6. Swings and roundabouts. Bikes could have (and on several occasions nearly did) taken me out of this life, but for periods there, they were the only thing that kept me in it.

    When your survival depends on what happened in the last 2 seconds, and what happens in the next 2, then all the other problems melt away for a while. (Or if you can't focus your thoughts where they need to be, I guess they melt away permanently.) Your life is in that 4 second window and nothing else matters.
  7. I do understand the point of the thread but can't help to think that the guy in the OP sounds like a hormonal 14 year old. "Showed her true colours" Seriously...
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  8. If it wasn't for my bike, I don't know how I would cope with difficult things happening in my life at present. I can just get on my bike and ride ride ride, the only thing I allow my mind to focus on is the next corner, and how awesome it is to ride. Everything else comes second place to that.
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  9. Way to be judge and juror, Lilley. I got nothing but love for ya! :eek:

    Yes true colors. You do not constantly hug, kiss etc, and then leave them stone cold for another just when things were heating up. There is more to the story but this isn't what the thread is about, it's about the thera-peutic nature of our love of two wheels.

    Funky, that sucks man but i'm glad to see you're smiling and rolling along. I've been down that road myself (got engaged and everything! Not with this girl though) So i know what you mean about being the bane of some others existence.

    Ride on, brothers! (and sisters!)
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  10. Cheers. Ive still managed to do all in life ive set out to do so all good. Her loss quite frankly. Twice a wrrk i come into uni and get to hit the sky then when i finish hete every day i get to blat off on two wheels. life couldnt be more awesome. Othets just hold me back :)
  11. Blessed be sister !
  12. You've got to be fair to Lilley - based on how you described things, I had the same reaction. But yeah, I got my first bike within months of my first major break-up, one which took quite a while to heal, and oh what a difference an ever-ready CT110 can make, rolling through the streets at 3AM!
  13. A lot of good things will come from taking time in a day to focus totally on what you are doing in a smooth calm way.
    A day or two off the bike and I can be a grumpy prick, with a daily ride I enjoy being a grumpy prick.
  14. chicks dig the lightcycle :) they all wanna talk to me about it
  15. ^ I wanna be this guy :/
  16. Hmm yeah i tend to flaunt the motorbike so that i don't have to take depressed lonely rides :p

    Having said that, they are an awfully good way to clear your head, if only there weren't so many po-po shuttin down all up on our grills.
  17. Precisely. The bike is all about being in the moment, just you and the bike sweeping through the bends and forgetting the world. My five year old kid explained it perfectly one day:

    "You like the bike dad, cause it's just you and you're on the road and it's just hmmmm (said with a big cheesy grin)"

    It's difficult to be depressed when your out on the road and as a guy who has battled depression for a while (four years or so) I can honestly tell you being on the bike is therapy like no cognitive behavioral therapy could be...it's almost zen-like - that is until you introduce cagers into the story...
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  18. F@#k yeah!!!!!
  19. I am with you there, similar to my story. Also why I am forcing myself out on the road on the bike more lately too... When you are immersed in that moment where everything is just slotting into place, the bike moves with you, the road was made for you, man, its like heaven.
    Of course then you **** up a corner and start cursing :)