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The Thank You Thread: TTYT

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BitSar, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. I often find that there is a certain degree of negativity among riders.
    Just look at how many pages the Share your mini rages thread has accumulated. A thread I have contributed to.

    In light of this, and on the back of an act of kindness I witnessed this morning on the commute - I welcome you to:
    The Thank You Thread: TTYT

    On behalf of another rider.
    Thank you to the man driving (wait for it) a BMW 3 series who stopped, blocking traffic, to help a young rider pick up his bike.

    I witnessed this act of kindness from the opposite side on the North Rd intersection on Nepean HWY.
    The young fella stalled on the green and dropped his bike in a very bad place. Mr BMW certainly got him out to trouble.

    Catching up to young mate through traffic I had a quick chat - he was a little rattled but OK. More embarrassed than anything. He declined further help or a shepherd to his location - I took this as my hint to leave him be.

    So on behalf of new CB400 rider on Nepean HWY inbound this morning.
    Thank you Mr. BMW
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  2. Great idea BitSarBitSar , Haven't had any major incidents but I'd like to generally thank all the motorists who see me filtering and go out of their way to move over providing me with more than enough room to continue on my merry way!
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  3. Good on ya BitSarBitSar
    Thank you and all the other wonderful, friendly, caring and supportive folk on NR for all your funny, considerate, kind and helpful posts and the wonderful pictures of rides, each other,your jokes, tales, memes, funny photos, your furry members and even Jeffco's boob thread.

    Whilst I have probably ridden past some of you or you have ridden past me (more likely) most of you have always really given me more support than you realise. At times it has sustained me through a few rough trots.
    Many of you have also challenged me which has forced me to reflect and think outside of my personal square.

    I want to thank the occasional guy/s in their vehicles who give me a smile, a wink or a thumbs up when I am riding. Does my sad old ego the world of good and puts a spring in my old step!

    So thank you all. Really. :)
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  4. I would like to thank all the Netrider members here who have put their faith in me to lead them away on the various trips/tours over the last few years. For some of you it's been your first time away on an overnight ride and the feedback I received was heart-warming. It has been great to make new friends/riding buddies and I hope to be able to continue running the overnighters in the future.

    Netrider deserves a big thankyou too for providing the opportunity to meet new liked-minded people and form friendships, doing what we all enjoy.

    Ned :)
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  5. Awesome idea BitSarBitSar

    In line with the festive spirit as well...
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  6. Good idea BitSarBitSar .

    It's about time it's generally recognised that BMW drivers are actually ok.....
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  7. Thank you to all the people who make my Saturdays something to look forward to.

    Good idea BitSarBitSar
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  8. Thanks to hawklordhawklord GreyBMGreyBM OzYodaOzYoda and the other guys and girls that run Saturday morning practice and act as mentors and advisers. Many riders have made a good start to their riding career by the selfless work of these people. It is much appreciated by the whole community. May your new year be the best one ever. (y)
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  9. Good on you BitSarBitSar great thread. Here's hoping we have far more posts here. Mine is to the man in blue who was very generous on Sunday who gave me a stern talking to rather than a ticket.
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  10. BMW riders are OK though right? Right guys??

    I should give a big thank you to the patient driver who I stalled in front of coming out of the dealership when test driving my bike! He waited until I found the starter and was a break in the traffic from the other side of the road for me to sheepishly pull out.

    Big thumbs up to that man.
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  11. I must admit this makes me smile on my way up Nepean each day or through St Kilda when they pull over a little bit - bloody hard to wave though I do try and give a nod if I make eye contact in the mirror or on the way passed.
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  12. A 'Thank you' in advance to any driver making my filtering easier and safer in the future, simply by leaving a gap.
    Merry Christmas.
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  13. Thank you to everyone that posts on here. I love logging onto netrider & like OldmaidOldmaid mentioned reading about all the funny stories, all helpful posts, the jokes, tales, memes, funny photos, and furry members and yes the booby pics :wacky: a special mention goes to the amazing pictures of rides ( love them ), and of the amazing generosity that turned those pics into a calendar (y) so in the spirit of that generosity and this thread I have made a donation to netrider and want to wish everyone here a great Christmas and new year wherever you may be or log on from
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  14. How rude (for the dislike)! But in the spirit of the thread, thank you for your feedback.
    FYI the sticker on my rear windscreen is:

    Attached Files:

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  15. Is no one going to Thank NetRider??

    The awesome forum that has brought all us awesome people together...

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  16. #17 Fr33dm, Dec 23, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2015
    Amazing idea BitSarBitSar! Thank you (y)

    My heartfelt thanks go to ALL at Netrider. I couldn't have said it better than OldmaidOldmaid, this forum has been a life saver. I learnt so much from you people, I met some of you and some of you became my good friends, I hope to meet many more of you.

    I want to thank InvalidUserInvalidUser for being the first member to welcome me to NR.

    Thank you to BertyBerty for helping me choose my bike and being there with me for my maiden ride.

    Thank you to GoldenberriGoldenberri who has been my unwavering support for a year, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Thank you to JozlynJozlyn for taking me on my first trip to a servo to fill up as a big girl, and not from a jerry can in my garage, and then on my first ride out of my "safe zone".

    I'm really blessed to call you my friends girls!

    Thank you to my "support crew" PetesulPetesul, GoldenberriGoldenberri, JozlynJozlyn, BertyBerty and ExportswedeExportswede. Your advice and encouragement after my first failed attempt at learner's made the blow easier to cope with and my resolve only stronger.

    Thank you to GreyBMGreyBM, cjvfrcjvfr and hawklordhawklord for mentoring me by PM, long distance virtual tutoring is a hard work, but it has been invaluable to me!

    Thank you to PetesulPetesul for "Boroka challenge".

    Thank you to my friend Annette who patiently followed me on her gorgeous CBR, eventually at speed limit, on my first rides through the worst of the winter.

    Thank you to Rus LerRus Ler for terrific day in the Grampians. You have amazing sense of humour, and tremendous patience: letting me lead all the way to the Grampians, and to Boroka!

    Thank you to V8PatrolV8Patrol for inadvertently putting me on a spot and pushing me out of my comfort zone when we rode Victoria Valley road and up to Zumsteins and back. I never told you that I was petrified to ride those roads. And I had fantastic time, the sense of achievement was sweet!

    Thank you to GregglesGreggles for showing me what a bike ridden well can do, and couple of other things. Unforgettable experience!

    Thank you to XJ6NXJ6N for sharing his beautifully written tales of riding adventures. You have an amazing talent my friend, your use of language is exemplary. It was a pleasure of meeting you, hope you make your way across the border one day.

    Thank you to Wheres me BoikeWheres me Boike and NosohNosoh for all your brilliant photos, they showcase the best of VIC and expand my list of "to do" riding destinations to no end!

    Thank you to all who contribute to the Funny Ass Pictures thread, it has frequently been a god sent!

    And finally thanks to the guy who shredded my heart and walked out of my life. Every cloud has a silver lining. You gave me freedom to ride.
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  17. Thanks to all my riding companions. It would have been a lonelier journey without you.
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  18. Thank you to those that came on my first ride around the bay in Jan 2015. What started out as an idea for a nice day out turned into quite the event with about 14 people in total. This was the first time i had lead anything, first time on the ferry, and you guys made me feel both awesome and part of the gang!

    Thank you to the many ride leaders and TECs that have made afternoon cruises, weekend day trips and twisties a pleasant experience. You give your time so that we, the riders, can get out and experiences new areas, new challenges and let's not forget the Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory.

    Thank you to those who organise the weekend practice sessions! I appreciate the time and effort it takes to organise these things. You have made me a better rider for it.

    Thank you to the people of NetRider. We may all have different opinions and views but I think we all agree that riding is a way of life and something to be cherished & shared with others!

    To another safe year! Bring on 2016!!

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    You guys and girls are going all mushy on me! Maybe the risk of being shot at is not as bad as I thought it might have been!!

    Anyway, I just love riding, and ALL my NR mates! Thanks guys and girls.

    I want to thank that guy too Fr33dmFr33dm, for the same reason, and Doctor OldmaidOldmaid, who advised me not to cut my foot off but who prescribed an alternative physio torture, and GoldenberriGoldenberri, who dreams of a monster Duc, hawklordhawklord, GreyBMGreyBM and GreydogGreydog for the Saturday stuff, and our favourite uncle, Uncle GregUncle Greg, who looks after all the newbies.
    Gawd, I've gone mushy too!

    And mentions to JemJem, chillibuttonchillibutton, PSYKCPSYKC, BitSarBitSar, Stever42Stever42, DiantraDiantra, Harfie12Harfie12
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