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The Test Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mactype, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. I'm about to embark on taking a few bikes for a ride at the various dealerships that seem to be hell bent on throwing keys my way. Seems the only way to work out what I'd really like.

    Apart from the obvious of not dropping the thing (I must admit I have this fear of doing this) and finding out if it feels comfortable etc... anything that I should be going over during the 20 mins or so that I'm told they will give me.


  2. im very new so probably not the best person to answer, but i recently bought a bike and test rode it last weekend. For me it was just making sure i felt comfortable on the bike. Try and do as much as you would do in your normal riding, and see how it feels. Dont think about dropping it...
  3. And tell us where these dealerships that are throwing keys at you are! I keep hearing about the ones that say "if you're going to buy it you can ride it" except for BMW.
  4. lol there has to be some benefit from being mid forty!
  5. I've heard this myself (being 30) and from some older friends as well. I can understand their reluctance for someone in their early 20s but seriously, if they want to sell a bike then they have to let people ride them!

    You didn't say where you or the dealerships are either! :grin:
  6. Sorry Sydney and seems anyplace I walk into are keen to give me a bike.

    Last one was a Suzuki dealer was like well we've got a 600, 750 and a thou. Take em all for a blat if you like. I reckon I could well spend 3 months just test riding.
  7. Sounds like a good plan lol... as long as you live your life 20mins at a time hehe