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The test ride/s

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Jeffco, Sep 8, 2016.

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    So had a day off today needed to take care of a blocked storm water drain, by that I mean be here so the plumber could :).

    So after that was done & the chores and requests from The Boss & the kids were done I had some free time so I finally decided time was right to start ticking off some test rides for my new bike :).

    No specific time period is planned so I will test as many as I can and see what I like best. Budget 10K. new and used will be sampled.

    So bikes on the list Suzuki S40 & M50, Vulcan S, XVS650 & Bolt, VT 400 & 750, HD 883 2000-2008. feel free to add others.

    Current ride 1997 Kawasaki EL 250 (The Mean Machine ) :ROFLMAO: 19.9kw, 17.5 Nm, 140kg dry, 6 speed.

    Rider 5'5 & ruggedly handsome :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    I flat foot when I'm on EL, its a comfortable ride Ive never felt underpowered or worried on any road, it moves and manoeuvres well & is great for filtering. Its no speed demon but gets up and goes you just have to be quick on the gear changes . if I had any complaint it would be that it gets blown around a little to easily on windy days :)

    So today i looked at the S40
    IMG_1058.JPG IMG_1059.JPG

    23Kw, 50Nm, 172 Kg wet

    Fit & Finish is Quite good its a 8k bike (brand new) not to much plastic everything felt solid.

    When sitting on it I felt comfortable, no stretching, forward controls a first for me were also comfortable.

    Bars are different as well (T-bar), but again no arm stretch. Paint and finish are quite good, In comparison it actually looks a little smaller than EL.

    So my escort is finally ready key in ignition on hit button nothing hit it again nothing Houston we have a problem.

    Then the guy motions to the clutch lever, so I it pull in hit start bingo :).

    So on our 20 minute test ride we hit various roads and freeway (a small section) along with the accompanying speed zones.

    So off we go out onto the Princes Hwy left and the power from the first 3 gears especially in comparison to my little bike is significant, and you can hold them for longer. I'm used to quick changes.

    The power is probably not all that much to a lot of others here but to me its was noticeable enjoyably so :).

    On road the bike felt good underneath still surprisingly light and manoeuvrable, filtering was also easy.

    I was smiling like a nutjob every time I took off :), & power through all the gears was very good. Gear changing was smooth although I did try and go to sixth a couple of times cause that's what I'm used to :) but hey, once I got that sorted it was a good ride

    On the road the bike felt solid & the ride comfortable, seat was more shaped than mine and felt good too, how it would be on daily rides to the city or longer rides is anyone's guess but it felt good. it was also a windy day but I didn't get blown around like I would with EL.

    Overall an impressive start to my test riding journey. Suzuki S40 is a tick & current clubhouse leader :)

    On the downside the 25 minutes it took someone to find someone to do a test ride and the short time of it. Especially after I said to the sales guy I wanted a longer type ride on the freeway cause it will be used on them mostly.

    Wont be in a hurry to go back there.

    No idea whats up next but will update this when I do


    One thing I didn't like on the bike is the tank mounted speedo I found it took more than just a quick glance down to check your speed, on EL I do it and still feel like I have my eyes on the road with the S40 it was more of a distinct look down to check.
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  2. nice write up. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the Bolt, they seem pretty good and have a great riding position. I haven't ridden one but have sat on a couple and I could see myself interested in one for sure. the Stryker's look pretty hot too but a bit up in price.
  3. Yeh they had one the floor very nice :) if I could stretch the budget it would surely be on the list.
    As the bolt it certainly looks good so lets see what it like in the flesh :)
  4. nice read, good review. i will read this with great interest. hey chilliman64 where did you get the netrider sticker. i want 2.
  5. You will get a good bike within the budget.

    Maybe add a MT07 or 09 to the list as well...
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  6. I got some from a secret source... but I have a few spare, if you send me your postal addy by pm I'll send you a couple. they came about because of this thread, hence the reason a lot of us are rocking anti-cancer/pink ribbon slogans on our avatars:
    Which colour scheme will garner the most attention for a great cause?
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  7. Thanks Lazy LibranLazy Libran I must admit I was considering the MT-07 purely for a point of difference from the cruisers so will try one
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  8. Great info in the OP JeffcoJeffco - will be watching your thread with interest.

    I know next to nothing about the cruiser style of bike and have only ever ridden one, once - XVS650.....in a carpark....

    Good luck, being in test pilot mode is always fun.
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  9. I'd the XVS 650 Custom before the FZ1N.

    It was awesome.. Loved the looks and the sound with Vance and Hines Cruzer pipes was sensational.

    Was on numerous NR rides and never had an issue, but after 4 years and 40K kms, needed something different and with more power. :D
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  10. Not a cruiser person but I've said this before, I do like the looks of the Bolt.

    Was also going to say try an MT-07 just for seating position.
  11. If you do get a chance to ride a Bolt...make sure you give it a fair run around...

    They might weigh 247 kgs and are bigger in physical size than the sportsters, but they are quite nimble once you are moving.
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    Last edited: Nov 8, 2016
    Another day off & what a lousy day it was, sun shining birds singing no chores to take care of, so what better way to spend a day than at the movies, doing a test ride, then going for ride to Arthur's seat afterwards.

    So I wondered on down to Frankston Yamaha and as promised when I called in a few weeks back and was told yep no probs mate we'll organise it when your ready
    (you reading this Mr Stevens) I rocked up and got my test ride.

    abike1346278. abike2237214.

    The bike (^^ not actual bike) was an 09 classic I prefer the custom but for a test ride its fine, for those wanting to know the major differences in the Custom & Classic see below.

    The Custom has a lower seat height 695 mm (27.4 in) and slightly less weight, then the Classic with a higher seat height of 708 mm (27.9 in). The Custom is approximately 232 kg and the Classic approximately 15 kg heavier 247 kg. Maximum Torque 5.2kg-m (37.5 ft-lb)@ 3,000 rpm

    The test ride also had short shots and saddle bags.

    I could hear it coming well before it got to me, those short shots are loud, do loud pipes save lives who knows but they sure as shit put a smile on your dial :LOL:

    Brett the sales guy explained to me that this particular bike had forward controls added, which meant my midget legs would be way forward but it shouldn't be a real issue, he then says its got plenty of fuel points to the fuel tap and says just in case you need to switch to reserve.

    So on I jump it I felt comfortable, legs were certainly out but not uncomfortably so. Bike felt good solid underneath but not heavy.

    Fit & Finish is Quite good its a used bike but has been looked after no marks etc. Brand new there $8999 & $9499 for the custom & Classic respectively & new is what I would get.

    Just sitting there it immediately felt different to the S40, without trying to run the S40 down the XVS just felt better under me.

    As mentioned it was already running & I know that the XVS's have a notoriously fickle clutch so I click it into 1st & slowly let the clutch out a couple of times till I can find the friction point don't want to make d1ck of myself and stall it :ROFLMAO: so all's good clutch out roll on the throttle and stall :notworthy: hit the start the button try again double stall :emoji_confounded::emoji_confounded: Jesus son get your shit together:emoji_grinning: one more time with feeling :emoji_fingers_crossed::emoji_fingers_crossed: and we're off :riding::emoji_tada::emoji_tada:.

    So we make it out of the carpark and onto Frankston Dandenong road :emoji_thumbsup: If the S40 made me smile the XVS had me laughing like an idiot :emoji_smile: the sound of those pipes as you go through the gears :emoji_heart_eyes::emoji_heart_eyes:.

    I know both the SS40 & XVS are both 650's and one is single the other a twin but already I can see that there is no comparison. Everything I liked about how the S40 feels so much better with the XVS.

    On the road the XVS is manuverable, solid & comfortable, its hard to classify exactly but it just feels more substantial than the S40. 60, 80 & 100kph zones come and go as do left and right hand turns around roundabouts and lights etc. for such a heavy bike (60 odd kilos heavier than the S40) I have no trouble at slow speed turns or pulling up and putting a foot down at lights.
    I didn't do any major filtering due to the saddle bags didn't want to get stuck anywhere or lose one :emoji_grin: and whilst it is certainly wider than the S40 I would happily filter it once I had more time with it.
    Came close to stalling at lights on a couple of take offs but a bit more gas fixed that, the power the sound :emoji_kissing_heart::emoji_kissing_heart: awesome. Gears are smooth & changes up or down are firm. I'm almost back at the store before I even consider how the seat feels, which is great and I'm of the belief that long rides whilst in the saddle wont be a PITA.

    it has a tank mounted speedo just like the S40 (left pic) and wether it was my first time with that sort of speedo or the angle of the tank and how the gauges themselves are set up S40 flat the XVS raised (see pics) I felt the XVS speedo was easier to read.
    abike426733. abike335121.

    So I reluctantly take it back to the shop & when Brett comes out and says how was it, fcuking awesome was the only reply I could give. We discuss other pipe options, cruizers being the go, loud but not piss the neighbours off loud, no rejeting needed if you just add pipes a simple adjustment of the fuel / idle screws and away you go

    I grab a card and tell him to let me know when the black 2017 customs start to arrive. Its a good thing there wasn't one ready to roll out today cause I would have had a lot of explaining to do to the good wife.

    The new club house leader by mile
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  13. Pleased to hear you're enjoying yourself JeffcoJeffco.

    Son number 1 was looking at the Vulcan for his next bike but now he's talking HD Iron. I had a bit of a chuckle at his sudden interest in more cruiser-ish types of bikes until he showed me a picture of the HD Iron way back when he sold his CB300. And I must admit every time one of those things passes me, I do a double take. If I hadn't found the 2016 CBR500 had a lowered seat height, I was trying to figure out how to break it to him that I may just go have a look at one myself. But I've found my next ride and it's just a matter of time, so I hope you enjoy finding your next forever bike. Until the next one of course! :whistle:
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  14. Thanks GoldenberriGoldenberri :) its certainly fun taking a new bike for a run, looking forward to the upcoming bike show to see what the new Honda cruiser will look like.

    The HD irons are rather nice
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  15. Black XVS Custom.. eh JeffcoJeffco? ;)


    How does this look??
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  16. Was that one yours Lazy LibranLazy Libran :)

    They are Sweet looking bikes they had a white in the showroom but they had just sold that.

    That ride left an impression :)
  17. Yes.. and I still miss her.

    White looks nice too...
  18. Yeh the white is nice and at the run out prices you can get now very tempting, but I'm thinking all black for the next one :)
  19. wrong post
  20. Did you ever have any issues?