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The tale of the fzr that couldn't

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by patske, May 17, 2005.

  1. So i got word back from my mechanic today .... not good, the bike that i bought off my friend and only got to ride twice seems to be dead

    The mechanic ran a compression test and got only a bit of pressure out of one cylinder he put his thumb over the top of the cylinder and it wouldn't even blow his thumb off, he said there was some rust or something around the valves, and well he just said the engine is dead. Looks like I'm in the worst bind.

    Should I go to another mechanic and get a second opinion, the mechanic that has it now is a friend of a friend and isn't charging me anything for the work done to it. Someone told me castle hill motorcycles might be a good option to go and get it checked out. But I don't know it doesn't sound good fcuk fcuk fcuk fcuk fcuk fcuk fcuk fcuk fuk .khaw, vh.ds.jvsed

    sorry for that

  2. just get another engine... they are all the same in the FZR and amost thesame as the Zeal (different cluch config) Most places will charge you about $500 to install the engines are avalable almost any where as many more bikes are crushed than die out old age...

    Come to think of it I know some one selling one...
  3. bad luck dude :( :( :( :( :( :(
  4. Seriously, either look at this being a project bike and rebuilding the engine yourself (if you can stand being off the road for a month) or just pull the current engine out, and buy a decent reconditioned engine from a wrecker. As LordTB has suggested, but i reckon it'll set you back anywhere between $700-1200 for a new donk.

    Installing it yourself shouldn't be too much of a hassel if you have some mechanical knowledge, otherwise try and con one of your mechanic mates to help you put it in in excahange for a couple of slabs. ;)

    There's life in the old girl yet. And if there isn't i'll take both side fairings off you to ease the pain in the wallet. ;)
  5. shit patske u are having some baaaadd luck dude.

    try and scam some money off your mate.. talk it up a bit more if u have to but if hes a real mate he should give u some of the money back..

    go with the engine rebuild idea.. as pete and koma suggested.

    maybe you should think about selling it after youve fixed it up a little and buy something a bit more reliable thats been checked out ?

    good luck man
  6. I'm so broke right now I'm just looking to turn it into the wreckers and salvage something out of it, but the problem is there isn't much useable on the bike now. The engine is gone the fairings, from memory all of them are cracked or damaged in some way (double fcuk, yes i know) ... and yeah it seems to be a POS. It used to run and then it was still a piece of shit but at least it worked =\.

    anyone know wat a wrecker would give me? I saw a zzr250 for 2200 maybe that'd be the way to go, i really need a bike i need to practice my l's run out in october but by the way things are goin i probs won't have a bike till then
  7. If you bought it off a friend, try to sell it back to him for the original value.

    I know that if I sold one of my mates a dud bike I'd refund it if it turned out it was a lemon and I didn't know.

    Of course, if he said to you "This bike's cactus, you can have it for $500" that's a different story ;)

    btw, for the license course, you learn everything you need to on the day. it's dead easy. don't worry about the L's.
  8. You might actually be pretty shocked at what a wrecker is willing to give you for your various bits. Actually... i'm in need of a few pieces so be sure to give me a holler before you punt it off to a wrecker. I'm not gonna suggest you scrap the bike just so i can get pieces but i'm always here. ;)

    I saw this in the nicest possible way to both your and my bike; but their worth more in pieces. Seriously, if you can strip the bike down and sell EVERYTHING off it you'd probably get a decent amount of money out of it (ie. ~$1k).

    On the other hand, ask your mechanic friend how much a rebore and some new rings would cost for the motor and if he can get them; and your probably also gonna have to look at the valves to some extent. The part list is probably going to be a little more extensive than that, but it may be worth doing the sums on. Rebuilding the engine yourself (with mates help) may take a while, but at the end of it you KNOW you've got a brilliant engine.
  9. I just got off the phone from my mate who wrecks Yamaha bikes... Bad news... engines for these is not shared with other FZR's so it's unique to that model... $800 - $1200 and most wreckers don't give a waranty :(
    Also he tells me not many (including him) will not offer much for it without a running engine and good fairings :(

    Best to find a backyard mechanic who is good with engines or wreck it yourself...
  10. yeah true I'm in a bit of a bad spot but I'll work it out, I'll talk to my mate about it hopefully he won't mind too much.
  11. Sorry to hear about your situation but hey just leave the bike in your garage until you have enough money to do some work to it but hopefully your mate would give you a refund. I brought a fzr as a project bike to get my best mate on the road for $450 with a perfect engine and chasis. so just look around and hopefully you'll run into some luck as my mate and i did. Best suggestion would be to buy another wrecked bike as a whole and mix and match parts to get your baby running. With the parts that you have left and no longer need you can always sell it again.
    If however you decide to rip the bike into pieces and sell it in forums like alot of the cbr250.com boys do then pm me. Need a few parts myself.
  12. mr_wombat!! $450 on road!! that is fantastic!! I thought I was cheep by puting a mate on road for $1500 on a CBR250R... ($900 bike plus $600 repairs & RWC)
  13. Well I hope I can get back on the road soon, and for cheap. I'd be willing to tinkle and fix things if I had the support from my family but no one is helping me out on this in anyway way that's why it's so frustrating.
  14. so where abouts are you?? Perhaps I can help??
  15. well howlong does it take to rebuild an engine? if u had all the parts and all??

    bike needs one....
  16. or sue him for merchantible quality under the sales of goods act :) assuming he didnt put an excemption clause in your contract of sale.....
  17. Yeah all mates sign a contract of sale on selling a bike! Not! Talk to your mate you'll soon find out what sort of a mate he is! My advice go with the replacement engine & get quotes on supply & fit from your mechanic & the ones I pm'd you. Good luck & keep us posted!
  18. Looks like it's caput!
    Got the carbs balanced, full service and still won't run 150 bux lata.
    On the mechanic's report he wrote "found rust in float bowls, from fuel tank" no compression and some sort of rust on the valves so by all money it's goooone. I might be able to get some money back off my mate I'm hoping 2000 - 2500 of the original 3500 is reasonable given that it is gonna cost me at least that to fix it if i decide to. Looks like I will probably end up taking that money and buying a ZZR-250 =\
  19. shit patske that sucks man.
    especially when you paid so much for it.
    shouoldnt the mechanic have known it was fcuked before he started work on it ?

    sucks to spend 15 hundred dollars on two rides..

    so re you giving it back or just gonna ask for money and fix it or wreck it or . ?
  20. where are you?