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The TAC are pleased with themselves....they like stuff

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. ....I like stuff. I like it when they take the time to listen and respond.


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  2. Thinking about their efforts of late, they clearly have some different/new people join their team....
  3. Perhaps. They're certainly showing signs of awaking from their stupor.
  4. It could be cloak and daggers stuff.
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  5. VicRoads posted this on their Road User or Abuser page yesterday too.

    Are we edging towards one of the Short Term goals we set back in January? https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=128630#.T1BEoXna9Xs

    Let's not kid ourselves though, we're a long way from home yet, but there's something in the air at the moment that's for sure...

    For one thing I can tell you categorically that protective gear was THE issue front of mind for the TAC during late November/early December; the toenail they've dipped into the awareness/SMIDSY arena is a very curious development indeed...
  6. I have heard some rumours about a new TAC video. What I'm hearing is not at all good (think an even worse version of the bike that flicks its rider off from a year or two back) - but I don't have too much real information as yet.
  7. ...they've only got to look at this years biketoll to see for themselves the extent of the problem.

    Getting smacked into by a car puts 'protective gear' into perspective once and for all. Doesn't matter what we wearing we're fucked
    .....yes Tommy, proper fucked.

    They can shove ATGATT fair up their collective cake holes, it just turns into a convenient baggy to carry the body away in.

    They can stop dipping their toes and dive right in whenever they're ready. More riders are going to die while we wait.
  8. Sounds ominous and if proven correct helps me understand why they just deleted Stop SMIDSY's "we find it encouraging that the TAC is supporting this tone of motorcycle safety advertising" post off their Facebook page...
  9. Pre-empting it would seem like a good idea. Like something that rams home just how culpable TAC themselves are in creating the environment for SMIDSY.
  10. Post again a 4:50 pm. I'll screen shot that fucker.
  11. I added my two cents on what I think they should do.

    And big lol @ the topic tags.
  12. doing it now


    didn't bother in the end, think they've hidden it rather than delete it as the Stop SMIDSY account can still view the comment
  13. We do some of their ads at my post house, and I haven't seen anything pop up in the calendar (I do keep an eye out), but we didn't do that awful one you mentioned so they're obviously using multiple agencies or their agency is using multiple postproduction houses.
  14. I did see your original post, but it's no longer visible :(

    I've posted
    , let's see if it stays. Although past 5pm Friday night there is a good chance it may be there for the weekend at least ;)
  15. That is fascinating that they would resort to censorship of you guys, simply fascinating. I knew they were tools but I'm gobsmacked.

    You know some people don't believe us when we tell them the TAC are so petty that they would go to the any lengths to silence they're perceived critics. They truly live in a world of their own design. Fascinating.