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The Switch Has Been Flicked

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fightingtiger, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys

    Just a quick one for other newbees out there. I did my Ls in Vic just before Xmas 2009.

    Did Nothing for quite a while but did work my way through to excellent riders CD from Vic Roads.

    I recently did a one hour extra practice lesson at HArt - great guys up there and very helpful, and I have been reading the magazines and watching video about riding etc.

    Two weeks ago I finally got all my safety gear, so now I could practice on my sons VT250 Custom.

    Did about an hourand a half following the suggestions in this forum for practice (quiet roads, right handers, gear changes, emergency stops etc).

    Today I went out again, and this time I felt like a switch had been clicked. I've been dring for over 30 years and once I go used to the idea of being on a bike, all that driving comfort has come to me on the bike.

    I'm not trying to get over confidence, I am riding very carefully, but I FEEL comfortable on the bike now.

    So much so I rode over to my Father In Laws, tackled some tricky hillly stops etc, and later in the day, rode into work on St Kilda Road, down Sydney road, and back up Nicholson street.

    I even had a 4WD cut in on me and i didnt panic :)

    So all I can say to other newbees is, keep up the practice and you too will feel the switch get flicked.

    One thing I will say though, earlier today I was wearing a fluro vest, which I forgot when I rode into work. I noticed the difference in the way I was treated on the road. It must be that the vests are associaited with "take Care" or "caution", and this affects the way others treat me while I am riding.

    Anyway, the vest now sits in my helmet so I dont forget it, I am picking up a brand new Aprilia Sportlife 125 for the Wife at the end of July, so we can both go out together.

    And I am loving it :)

    Why I didnt do this 20 years ago is beyond me. Maybe it's because up until LAMS you couldnt ride a Ducati on Ls :)

    Can't wait til my next ride, and can't wait to get the Pantah regoed so I can hit the hills :)

    One very happy newbee :)
  2. good to hear mate, your new life begins regardless of age :)
  3. i want to get a road bike so i'm not saying the same thing in 20 years i guess dirt will have to do for now.

    Keep up the riding mate.
  4. Congrats mate, its fun isnt it?

    I'm much the same, many years driving now just starting to ride. Once you develop some basic riding skills and have to think about the mechanics of riding less, then the road and traffic experience really helps I think.

    +1 for the fluro vest. I got one early on and found it seems to help drivers show some courtesy and patience, its as though they see it and think "gees he must be a noob!" :) I still use it at night or if I am going anywhere in heavy traffic.
  5. Great post and glad you're enjoying it

  6. hiya Fightingtiger,

    nice feel good post!
    i have not been riding long, i was riding around about a week after i got my license annd i realised i was thinking about other things not just bike bike bike
    now a few months on, i actually find the bike really relaxing, great to unwind

  7. Took the words right outa my mouth, Goz. :)
  8. Thanks for the replies Guys. I even got out last night to get some experience at night/in the wind/in the freezing bloody cold.

    Also good fun. As you say 2wheelsnoclue you start to think about other things than Bike Bike Bike.

    I think a ride on the open road may be on the cards for the weekend.
  9. Into it mate. Dont be afraid of building up confidence in yourself, just remember to keep it in check ;). Ive caught myself out a few times getting a little cocky for myself and my machine, usually resulting in heart palpatations, and have to keep reminding myself to keep it under control.

    As for the cold (which sucks on a bike :p), just remember that ignoring humidity, 5 degrees at 80kph has a windchill factor of -13 degrees, so rug up!
    I rode here last night at 10pm, and it was literally 0... at 80kph thats -18 (but i was doing 110 :p). No wonder my fingers were stuck to the handlebars.
  10. I hear you Mr Messy. Confidence without arrogance is the go I think.
  11. What a great story. Hang in there, mate. An encouragement to all of us.
  12. Thats warmed me cockles. Good read!
  13. Great ride today. Out from Coburg, up to Wallan, coffee and a cake at Plarres, then across to Romsey, and then back down to Sunbury and back home.

    Had a license check by Our States finest on a lovely BMW, and even then had to push start the bike for the first time (note to self, turn of ignition when you stop).

    Also had my first lose. Right at the end of the ride, I need to do a U turn at a set of lights on Bell street to get into my front yard.

    Started wide to the left, but either speed or direction was an issue on the turn, hit the panic button, up on the kerb, and dropped the bike onto the grass next to the footpath.

    Embarrassing - yes, a guy with his baby in a pram stopped to see if I needed a hand, but by that time I was already laughing and mentally pencilling in that more tight Uturn practice is required.

    The VT250 custom survived and waits patiently for me to take it out again tomorrow :)
  14. Did yor front forks take a decent whack when hit the gutter? Have a very close look at them from different angles, coz they could be mis-aligned- which will have an adverse effect on your riding without you realizing it.

    If it was just a regular bump up the gutter then I wouldn't worry. Mention it to the shop at the next service. They can make sure for you.

    These little mishaps will happen occasionally. All part of the learning curve.

  15. I wil check them out Raven but it was more me riding up the curb so i didnt fal on the road rather than full on slamming into the gutter.

    Thanks for tha advice.