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The Sukhoi SU35

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rob_, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. #1 rob_, Aug 15, 2007
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    Amazing plane using vectored thrust... Insane turn radii, behaves more like a stunt plane than a typical jet fighter. China will have them, yet we somehow think the JSF is enough? Gimme a bucket... Or a squadron of F22-Raptors... [media=youtube]5yDfIyNeAtE[/media]

    Back to back with an F22 [media=youtube]d2FBKRDSahc[/media] Must say the Raptor seems a fair bit less agile... Still looks better though.

  2. Thanks for that rob. It took the americans ages to catch up to the level of technology that the russians had behind the iron curtain , are so called backwards country. The su 35 was created in the late 70's, raptor mid nineties? How was the youtube link on the A 10. The person would be dead on the ground before they heard the sound of the cannon! I know what i am going to do tonight, kick back and watch all those plan vids on you tube! :cool: :cool:
  3. I remember seeing a picture of a Vulcan (?) cannon that the A-10 has compared to a old VW beetle...it was at least 2.5 times the length.

    Speaking of cool shit, the Spectre gunship scene in Transformers...very cool!
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    yeah, the su35/37 is a pretty modern plane as far as i know, but what its based on was mostly developed behind the iron curtain. i love the F22, and its still probably a superior plane overall, but the dynamic performance of the su37 was just insane. at the avalon airshow, the f16 falcon on display turned easily inside an f18 (vertically and banked). the su37 looks it'd be able to turn inside the f16, despite being far bigger!

    for those wondering what vectored thrust is: [media=youtube]NArrMPFNdUw[/media]

    sorry for posting all this stuff, but i just love it. the reason why i'm studying aero eng.
  5. I'm just wondering whether agility is still as important in the age of electronics and missiles... the days of Red Baron and his gallant peers dueling in the sky seem pretty much over and I suspect today the superior fighter is the one with better electronics not the one with tighter turning circle.
  6. But I would assume that you would still have to keep behind someone in order to allow those electronics to do their thing. If the person in front of you can turn tighter than you can, they would no longer be in front of you for long.
  7. Yeah, but I think it's not as important as it used to be in the days of machine guns when you had to stalk the prey and get close enough and for long enough to spray them with bullets. Now you just get a lock on, fire the missiles and they are doing the actual chase... as long as their guidance systems (ie, electronics) do their thing. Agility might play a part in *dodging* the missiles, but notice that is now just a defensive capability, not an offensive one.
    And a fighter plane is supposed to be an offensive weapon - its role is to destroy, not just to avoid getting destroyed.
  8. You ask the question of why we are looking at the raptor instead of teh SU...
    The whole view we have of air craft is just rooted.

    The F18 for example is a complete waste of time for australia. Now I am not knocking the bird. it has great manouverability and is an effective air supiriority fighter.
    But it can't make any range worth speaking of in terms of Australian distances.

    Being the hotest bird in the air doesn't mean squat if you don't have the range to get to the battle and back.
    So what is the range of the SU would it really be usfull for Australia?
  9. We need to stop buying yank war hardware. We should have bought the Eurofighter to replace the FA-18....


    Why? Because I am sick of how much we have become another state of the USA.
  10. range is more important in Australia than any other country in the world. Our fighter plane requirements are unique.

    Beside if we ever went to a proper war Australia would be able to "borrow" all the f16 it wants from the US stockpile.

    that's a lot better then buying them anyway.
  11. Needs more missiles.
  12. All the more reason we should have an airrcaft carrier again.
  13. id much rather have the F22 than the eurofighter. better plane, better support. i think the euro aerospace industry is a bit iffy... the A380 for example. We might get the 787 Dreamliner before the A380, despite the former having its first flight far later. Also, since eurofighter was designed/commisioned by a number of different coutries with different priorities, the design would be a bit of a compromise. which is the same reason why the JSF is a total compromise. is it a fighter? is it a bomber? is it a slight disappointment? all of the above?
  14. If I remember rightly there is only one bloke that's flown both and he won't say the F22 is better, but as the typhoon is half the cost, and comes without crippled avionics you can make your own choice
  15. We don't need a carrier, we are an island......carriers are for force projection. Why spend a week steaming a carrier around this huge island, when fighters can redeploy to an airstrip in hours?
    F18's are outdated, JSF's too long in gestation.
    F111's still do stuff nothing else can, nothing will replace them.
    I agree the Euro stuff looks better, but don't forget we need in flught refuelling to have a credible deterrent, and that means buying compatible aircraft, or cobbling something up of our own.
    Buying US spec stuff is the cheapest way to go at this moment in time, and allows "borrowing" of their platforms in times of need.
    Not becoming another US state is a lame argument, the US equipment is good value for money and proven plus has good parts backup.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. couldnt agree more on both accounts. an aircraft carrier is a hostile/offensive piece of equipment. they more to attack, rather than defend. wouldnt send out a very nice signal to our SU37 equiped neighbours...

    as for the US, well, they are our biggest military ally. if we really didnt want to be "another US state", why wouldnt we buy su37s? or is there a bit more at stake than just a bit of political imagery... and as for buying eurofighters, as far as i know the countries building it have sales restrictions (you had to be part of development/construction to buy it).
  17. Quote the part of my post where I mentioned parts commonality and you will answer your own question.
    Manouvreability is not very important in a "fighter" anymore, being able to track and attack several threats simultaneously is. Guns are just for show these days.
    Actually, if you look at what Australia needs, an fighter is not it, we need interceptors, long range, multiple target capability, an extended threat.
    The F18's provide this with several advantages with regards parts commonality etc amongst our allies, as I mentioned in teh rest of the post you clipped. The new F18's are being bought as a stopgap, and for this purpose they are just fine.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Not true if you want to buy the typhoon you only need to put your hand in your pocket, just as Saudi, Austria, and Greece have done. Actually I don't think you can buy the Raptor as its the JSF that the RAAF are planning on buying.

    The Typhoon has always been a multi role aircraft, actually one of the complaints about it is that it isn't as flexible as the raptor.

    As with all US military hardware you always have the problem that they are supplied with different avionics to the US production, and you are supplied no source to make repairs, a major reason why people are dropping out of purchasing the JSF. The UK who are mainly purchasing it for the new carriers have stated that unless all the source is supplied they will not buy it a develop a navalised Typhoon instead.

    The Raptor is a great aircraft don't get me wrong, but its horrendously expensive and even if you had the money the US won't sell you one anyway.
  19. Can I say Kaman Super Seasprite... How much has that cost us the tax payer...
  20. F35- Lightning 2 is a good choice for the RAAF. Its a multi-role A/C capable of being a dominance fighter, interceptor and also as a patrol A/C.
    It has good range/endurance, modern, easy to maintain and cheaper than most modern fighters on the market. The F22 is by far the best A/C, but very expensive and the USAF will not sell to internationals.