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The sucked in effect

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by goz, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. Gday peeps..

    Who experienced the sucked in effect before, what is the sucked in effect I hear u ask, its when, like what happened to me today, your travelling on the freeway doing 110kph and a double bogey semi trailer rips past you at about 130kph and it sucks you in towards the semi, I absolutely shit myself, I was inches away from his tyre trying to lean back to the left hand side of the lane, gets your heart pumping and sphincter going 100 miles an hour lol, not a nice experience

  2. Slipstream. Happens to everyone
  3. Yeah just watch out when it's wet, apparently can suck you right under.
  4. Bit like a rip at the beach, only worse
  5. No fun with semi's. Bulk fun with superbikes. :LOL:
  6. Yup watch out for that. On the freeways i stay on the far side of my lane so that this doesn't happen.
  7. I thought it was the stuff in car racing games that gives you a boost for tailgating the other cars!

    Well don't i feel quite silly now :? :LOL:
  8. It wasn't invented by a software developer, that's for sure.
  9. Thats actually how my friends brother died about 18 months ago.
    Truck speeding past in the wet, he got sucked under and went under a number of wheels and into a car.
  10. Holly $hit is this true??
    I got sucked in and nearly kissed the tyre.. but didnt realise people died from it!
    Where have i been hiding?!
  11. Lesson learned from riding the WeeBR. Clearance clearance clearance. When I see a truck coming towards me in the opposite lane, I buffer and ride further to my left, giving myself plenty of clearance from ze oncoming monster.

    Seems to work so far as I don’t seem to get that gust or pull from the truck when it thunders past. Don’t know if it’s the right thing to do but it sure as hell is working for me right now :p
  12. Yep, it's the right thing to do. Stay away from the high-pressure bow wave in front of the truck and watch out for the low-pressure wake behind it.
  13. Semis in Europe got low level side bars on 'em 20 odd years ago after a spate of cyclists getting sucked under.

    Never had too much of a problem on motorcycles, although lately I've been a fat bastard on big, heavy bikes which helps.

    But yes, a good buffer is the answer.

    As for trucks barreling past at speed, all you can really do is keep an eye on your mirrors so they don't take you unawares.
  14. I particularly noticed it yesterday on the m5. Was giving myself 2/3 lane clearance but still getting pulled toward the truck and needed to shift my weight to compensate.

    Happened 3 times with 3 seperate trucks, it was windy and before a storm so I was getting blown around heaps - not much weight to the old cb250.
  15. Thanks Scott! I want to go on more rides with you and JP, Paul etc, to learn more about technique + maintenance. Will definitely organize more rides south next year (when I gets my license back indeedy).
  16. have seen some of those low bars on a few trucks around the traps.. even saw a car stuck in them on a corner.. yep, just keep an eye out if a big one is coming upon you..but.. you can always suck in behind and have a nice turbulant free ride..or watch tv behind a bus.. or some toorak tractor
  17. Yes, definitely!

    Offtopic for a second, how long until it comes back?

    Ontopic, buffering/clearance for trucks is something I sometimes forget to do on the Tiger because the wind tends not to push the big cat around much. Very sure-footed.

    I did get a pants-browning moment on the Hume last weekend when I forgot to buffer a particularly large truck coming the other way in the 100kph single-carriageway sections. :p
  18. The real question is why are you being passed by b-doubles on the freeway whilst riding a R6?
  19. same thoughts here..
  20. :shock: Good point, deadsy and OBH. Maybe the truckie was speeding? :eek: Either way, scary stuff.

    Spots – April 6th. :(