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The Street Triples are taking over!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grumply, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. :nopity:

    Has anyone else been noticing that there seem to be more Triumph Street Triples on the road than any other bike at the moment? I'm seeing the damn things everywhere.

    Methinks the triples be taking over...

  2. yes they are because they are a decent bike with a decent price tag and fun to ride. Go test ride one to understand...
  3. awesome! If that is the case then second hand options should be aplenty when I get to off my restrictions.
  4. Yep there are more and more on the GC roads everyday.

    They are such a fun bike to ride, why wouldn't you want one! :p
  5. I'm pretty sure Grumply test rode one.

    I have noticed this also, I wanted one desperately but couldn't afford it and am impatient haha.
  6. +1 :grin:
  7. My thoughts exactly!
  8. Yes well, lets be honest. It had to happen eventually didnt it?
  9. I just got one the 675 R version....it's great.
  10. me no likey
  11. I saw 3 parked next to each other in the cbd the other day...
    Nice looking bikes, not really my thing though
  12. i love it, the more the merrier. wasnt a big fan of the looks but the ride is just superb so far. would be mad to see a street/speed triple get together/group ride.
  13. I want one!
    But i can't seem to find any well priced ones used...Why pay $12k used instead of $13k brand new :\

    Seems lots are buying...not many are selling
  14. I wouldnt go as far as saying taking over. But I would say they catching up to the japs, or perhaps even caught up. There are certainly more triumphs around now than there used to be.
  15. The FCAI have sales figures for the major manufacturers, and Triumph is still behind the big 3 Japanese makers. But they are definitely doing OK, and they didn't suffer as badly from the GFC as some of the others. Hardly surprising. They are still leading the pack for mid-sized nakeds by a long way.

    Of course, I'm biased. :)
  16. wouldn't be surprised if they are leading the mid size naked sector by some margin.

    Triumph suffer because people don't take them seriously due to not have a 1L sportsbike. Also, their engines aren't as good because they only have three cylinders not 4.
  17. I'd tend to agree, they're just everywhere at the moment. I always hear that love triple burble coming towards me.
  18. Lightweight, affordable bike with a solid powerplant with plenty of street relevent chutzpah. Should be more of them!
  19. Didn't you hear about Goldilocks when she was test riding a bunch of nakeds? She rode a Monster, but the V Twin was too vibey. Then she rode a Z 750, but the inline 4 was a bit whiney. Then she rode a Street Triple, and the 3 cylinder engine was juuuuuuuuust right!