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The story of my Brand new DRZ400SM - NOT dial up friendly ;)

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Booki, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Howdy all,

    I havn't been lurking here too much these days....thats because i have had one hell of a hard time getting a DRZ400SM!

    I had contemplated many different tards...WR450 Converted, XR400SM (lol), Husky 510/450SMR's, Husky 610's...But the one that stood out the most for me, was the DRZ. Why? Because i am a tight ass. I don't want to be changing my oil every 300-500km's on the above bikes (cept the XR400SM). Especially since moto oil aint cheap!
    Not to mention valve adjustments/frequent checks, engine rebuilds are much closer intervals then the Z...Some users on TT get up to 40,000km out of there DRZ engine with only oil changes! Most generally tear it down for "good measure" as after 40,000km you would think the little single would be a little tired...but anyway..

    I ended up trading my 1999 Suzuki GSF250V Bandit in for this, and was put on a waiting list while the "Z" was on order...there was no stock apparantly anywhere!

    A month and a half later...i finally got the call to say she was ready to be picked up!! So i get home...take her off the trailer, quick ride in my backyard and...hmm...already dirty! Had been raining past few days, so the backyard was pretty muddy :(


    Needless to say i took her for a quick blast around the neighborhood straight after checking everything, and wow what a blast this thing is! Riding over round abouts, and attacking speed bumps as fast as the law will let me :)

    Took her in gave her a quick wash and took some more snaps...(Also put my edge tail light, straight on, Along with my personalised plate...lol)



    Anyway as I was patentily waiting for my tard to come in, i had been lurking everywhere...mainly Thumpertalk and Supermotoaus/Junkie.

    Ended up buying alot of accessories for it while i was stuck in limbo waiting for it to come in.
    The main things worth mentioning, are;
    MRD/SSW Exhaust
    FCR39mm Carb from TT
    Unibiker Radiator Guards
    Edge Tail light
    13 and 14 front tooth sprockets
    Plus other little "bling" bits...

    At 330km's i couldn't resist and stripped everything off and began to put on all my "accessories".

    IMAG0314. IMAG0315.
    Sorry about the crap photo...dam camera phone...

    And now, all back together again ;)

    IMAG0322. IMAG0324.

    Worst part is...this crappy melbourne weather! I havn't even had a chance to try out the new pipe and carb!!

    I havn't messed with my gearing just yet...waiting to see how it goes with the mods.

    So yeah, thats my story so far!
    Also i am now full licence, and to me this bike is perfect....sure its on the "LAMS" list, but don't judge! Its soo much fun, at least for my riding style!
    I love my dirt bikes, and once I saw a few motards on ye old youtube/forums i fell in love...I still plan on getting a "proper" road bike some day soon, but this is my number 1 choice for getting around!

    Total mods so far are;

    MRD/SSW Pipe
    FCR39mm MX Carb (Thumpertalk kit)
    3x3 Mod
    Edge Tail light with Stock indicators
    Hour/Tach Meter
    Unibiker Radiator Guards
    Removed kickstand kill switch
    Removed tool pouch which was on the rear mud guard
    Removed Pair Valve System (very important to do when installing the FCR)
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  2. Very very lovely. Did you do any airbox mod to the bike for FCR installation? Or is it jetted for unmodded air box?
    Pumper carb is one of the single best mods you can do to any bike that comes with a crappy CV vacuum-operated carb. Just so you're aware you're bike is no longer LAMS legal with that carb and pipe, but you should get away with it just fine.
    I have a DR650, we will have to line the bikes up when I get my FCR on :)
  3. Sure did..3x3 mod, Im really shit with my hands and using power tools in general so mine turned out cosmetically poo...Was cutting with a dremel and was turning out awesome, but then it started to sieze up...thats "ozito" for you!! So me being the impatient "tard" that i am....Ended up using a crappy soldering iron i had laying around with a square/shovel type tip and melted the rest out. The rubber makes it look somewhat presentable.

    But here it is anyway


    Worst case scenario i could pickup another airbox for about $100 off fleabay.

    EDIT: Is your DR tarded up or are you rockin 21 and 18/19's?
    Oh and i am no longer on LAMS...i am now on a "full" licence as of today..or maybe it was last week ;) No more restrictions woot! Seems a bit unfair though, the Husky 450's and 510's are on the LAMS list and make more power stock then my modded Z...I will have to get it on a dyno.

    Anybody recommend somebody in northern suburbs of melb for a dyno read out? Not really interested in them tuning it or anything, jetting seems to be pretty spot on but if its not to much extra i guess it couldn't hurt.
  4. Mate you think that's bad, you should see my airbox mod, the cut off wheels that came with my dremel (I got a dremel brand dremel) just flew straight off every time I tried to take one to the airbox. So instead I put a drill bit in and used the drill bit as a saw lol. Looks EXTREMELY rough and I made A LOT of mess. I think there is ONE reinforced cut-off wheel in the kit, I should have used that.
    Plus stupid me didn't think of taking the air filter out first so that got pretty damn messy.
    So yeah, I suck at using my hands for anything and using power tools too.
    Nah I'm not sporting motard wheels, I've got the stock wheels, stock tyre front and a pirelli mt21 rear. So you'd definitely have an advantage over me in that department, at least on the road.
  5. Although i am disappointed in how it came out, it does the job and the bike seems to run well (least from the quick ride up and down my street) so thats a positive.

    End of the day the only way to learn is to try...even if you stuff up, worst case you can replace the part and try again till you get it right ;)

    And omg i can't believe you didn't take out the filter ha ha!! I took mine out and taped my airbox up with some duct tape then blew out all the crap with the air compressor.


    I remember reading about the dremel kit...the ozito had a heap of diff accesories included which was great, but imo the product is crap...It must have over heated or something because i turned it on a day after and it was fine. It was making a grinding type noise and a massive loss in power/rpm even when on "max"...There are some guides on youtube on how to do the 3x3 mod, i should have just followed the guide ha ha.
    Maybe get some rubber U chanel like i did and glue it on? Smear some glue in the U chanel and snap it on, hold it in place for a few minutes while it dries then leave it over night :)

    Its cheap enough to buy, i just got some from clark rubber.
  6. I was thinking I'll just get some water proof adhesive like silicone and glue the pieces that I regret taking out back on.
    there don't seem to be any airboxes on ebay for the 96 and up dr650 and the airbox assembly from part fiches is like 250 bucks - you can buy almost every other part in the airbox separately, even the little clips, but not the damn box itself. Always seems to be the case when I want something specific...
    We should get all the motard and road legal trail bike riders on Netrider in Vic(not all that many) together and go for a ride some day :)
  7. oi booki, when you're keen for a motard track day let me know. ill show you a few things ;)
  8. Check out TT they sell OEM parts, exactly like you mentioned.

    Most of the stuff is HEAPS cheaper from the states :)

    Im a avid shopper on www.rockymountatinatv.com ;)

    And yeah i used silicon to mount my Hour Meter and the rubber U channel for my airbox.
    Does your DR650 have a pair valve system..? If so get rid of it!
  9. Yeah??? Ive been watching heaps on youtube, the tracks in Europe and USA are bloody awesome!!! With there dirt and road sections...

    Do we have any like that here? And are there any comps or anything?

    Seriously tho please do show me a few things lol!! I suck!
  10. I had a look on TT but looks like they have the same list as everyone else, you can't buy the box separately, you have to buy it with all the other crap.
    I'm not sure if the DR650 has a pair valve system but I highly doubt it. It's just a big, low-tech, air cooled motor :) The only fancy thing about the motor is the Suzuki Advanced Cooling System and an engine oil cooler.
    You're right stuff is heaps cheaper from the states.
    Doesn't the Z dash come with an hour meter?
    What is this rubber u channel that you speak of? What does it do?
  11. http://www.clarkrubber.com.au/rubber-seals-and-mouldings/seals-and-mouldings.html

    Thats the stuff i put around my airbox hole, just to cover up my crappy cutting job lol :nopity:

    And no hour meter stock on the DRZ, Its a digital dash but no tacho, its a basic as dash. Hour meter is just on my frame, good for tuning the idle too with the tach on it. Its not super accurate, but nice enough to tune your idle.
  12. theres only a few, because there isnt a real lot of these bikes racing around. its growing though, i just raced in QLD at the aussie supermoto titles RD 1 about a month ago, theres a round at phillip island at the end of the year.

    a few tracks that you can ride at too, just for practice.

    it was pretty big over here around 2005 ish, even had a round of the world champs at broadford.
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  14. how come you took the top chain roller off?
  15. the retarded engineers at suzuki did not think the design of the roller through. all it is is a plastic ball spinning on a bolt, and it likes to get ripped out by the chain, taking a nice chunk of frame with it. quite a few people have had it happened to them.
    clearly whoever designed the frame was either under pressure or was not the same person who designed the engine. well in all honesty the frame is pretty good, but this is one weak point.
  16. JimmyD do you commute on your WR450? How is it maintenance wise?

    I take it you go bush bashing on it too or do you have another bike for the trail/mx track?
  17. i've got a couple of bikes to pick from actually haha. but i dont really commute via bike, got a few too many things to carry around.

    the WR i used for street-tarding while i was on LAMS, would just change the oil every 1500km and it was sweet. yamaha cant build a gearbox, so you have to be especially nice to them. before that, i just used it for riding up the bush. its done about 16,000km now, still runs well but on its second gearbox.

    ive got my CRF450R which i raced mx on for a bit, before starting to race supermoto. i could probably put it back to mx but it will take a while to change the suspension around.

    then i got an R6, which i just use for cruising the streets these days.

    im riding more of the R6 on the street, just because i wanna learn how to ride the damn thing properly (like i can a motard). the motard gets a blast every now and then, but only up the hills to give it a real workout.
  18. Ouch second gearbox...! I have heard bad things about the yammys box's. was it expensive to replace?

    Are the sumo tracks like the ones you see on youtube vids with the dirt sections?
  19. it was around $600 each time, i rebuilt it myself so that saved alot of $.

    yeah some have dirt, its a more popular disipline in NSW and QLD though than vic, but its growing pretty well.


    mad jumps n shit on slicks. im in the middle.
  20. Have you done much suspension work before?

    I wouldn't mind getting my suspension stiffened up a bit on the DRZ, It seems really plush. Especially seeing as i wanna be a little urban enduro hero...Well thats the goal ha ha