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the story behind the Beijing 2008 olympic logo

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]





  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was great. Forwarded it to a friend of mine who covers the sports desk, and he loved it!!!

  3. needs to be a tibetan... then the protestors can use it...
  4. good shot though.
  5. I got this one by email other day, your game postin it Chris :? -little bit too hot potato to post me thought. Very clever but :LOL:
  6. +1, I didn't dare post it!! :grin:
  7. I shudder to think what hilarious stuff we've been missing out on, coz you guys think it's borderline.

    HTFU! :p
  8. Great cartoon, funny stuff.

    But, eh... I'm pretty much ignorant about the human rights abuses everyone's going on about at the moment.

    What's the story? Is there a 5 minute primer I can take on this one to stir up a half-informed sense of moral indignation?
  9. Basically, China has invaded and occupied Tibet, and started importing Chinese people to settle Tibet as fast as possible. Chinese is mandated for school study and the Tibetan culture is suppressed. China has brutally put down any protests by the Tibetans. That about covers it, and it only takes 5 min if you're a slow reader. :p
  10. Essentially all of the same things Indonesia did in East Timor
  11. ^But with tastier food.
  12. Except that the occupation of Tibet is about military strategy more than simple expansionism (ok, I know that the annexation of East Timor was backed by the US for political strategy)

    Tibet is now a forward missile base separating China from the nuclear armed states of India and Pakistan.

    Unfortunately for the Tibetan people, this means that China will never end its occupation.