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The Stookie and Roughcactus show.....

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Removed_User_5, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. My version of the thrip might be tainted with Hatred for my bike and snoring poms.
    But in the end my run of bad luck and lack of sleep didn’t stop me having the best time.

    I had packed up the bike on Thursday night, sleeping bags, clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent and my Ipod. I said to RC I would cook a big breakfast if he got to my place , but he was late and I had honestly forgot about it. He never stopped whinging about bloody bacon and eggs for 3 days. Anyway we headed of around 7 and fuelled up and checked the tyre pressure and headed of the meet MR.X. On the way in RC asked me to test my brake light as it was looking very dim, it still was working but when I got to Mr.X’s house the electrics spat the dummy. Bike wouldn’t turn over, dash lights went out. Now before all of this I have NEVER had anything happen to me on a bike ever.

    Mr.X was coming as far as Apollo bay as he had never been out the city on his bike, he had taken a sicky to come with us. He said to wheel the bike into his garage and he would check the fuses and the battery and stuff. After a lot of screwing around he had traced the fault to a fried regulator/rectifier. Now they are costly items so I wasn’t to happy about it at all. We where on a tight schedule with time and I wasn’t expecting to spend money except for petrol, food and accommodation. I called Pete at Boss Cycles in Montrose (top gadge) he said he will have something lying around we could get to fix it and get on the road. So we head up, im pillion biatch on RC’s bike with spare parts tucked in my jacket. We get there and find that an early model VFR and my 02 VFR don’t share the same wiring loom anymore. Bugger ! ! ! but Pete thinks the Blackbird rectifier is the same, Im just about to take a sledge hammer to RC’s Blackbird when Pete says he has another smashed Blackbird in the garage. Excellent……..we get it off and are back on our way to Mr.X’s place. Mr.X fits on the new part and has already charged my battery for me. We are hot to trot…..woohooo. Unfortunatley Mr.X cant join us as time has wasted and he wont be able to make it back in time but he sees it as an Omen, I wish I had……!

    So we are on the road, seems like a good hour before we give Melbourne the big “Get F**ked†and we are on Open road. Stop for food in Geelong and then decide Deans Marsh is the way to get to Lorne to make up some time. We swapped bikes for the run to Deans march turn off, my first time on the Bird…..the bike scared me from what RC said about the power delivery, but once on it I discovered he is just a big girls blouse. Nice bike, smooth power but a bit cumbersome for my tiny wee body. I must have looked like a fly hitching a ride on a truck.
    We get through Deans marsh at Warp 9…..and fill up in Lorne. Then is the fun stuff.
    Lavers hill is another favourite of mine having done it a few months back on a trip I wasn’t on , I knew what to expect and we travelled through that stretch very quickly.

    Now I can really remember all the places we passed through as most of it was a blur, not because we where travelling fast, but because of the amount of Roadkill on the Visor. RC was stopping all the time to clean his Visor, which then extended to washing his bike in the middle of the frikkin hills in SA.
    We where hoping to make it to Mount gambier by late afternoon, but that was never going to happen anymore due to the bloody adventure in the morning. We where making up for lost time by keeping up the pace, I was only trying to keep up with RC would have been my excuse as I played the “im not from here officer†card.
    We get this terrible wind on the open section , its that bad we have the bikes on almost full tilt just to go straight. There was no getting away from it either and we just had to push on. It was very tiring dealing with the wind. My panniers where catching the wind and wrestling with the bike all the way.

    Finally we get a bit more inland and stop at a little servo where the lady fills up the bikes for us, RC nearly had a hissy fit when she spilt petrol on his tank. We had a good chat about the road and the recent flashing by Police and the road ahead. The worrying part was the wildlife. It was dusk and the Roos where coming. The next section was an open pin forest plantation and perfect surrounding for assaulting Kamikaze Kangeroo’s. We tried to keep the pace down but when a bloody commodore pissed past us at 160 we had to use him as Roo plough just in case. We made up some good time there. Everything was going better , UNTIL my back end started jumping around and getting very funny in the corners. I had a rock through my back tyre the size of my pinky. I didn’t realise this till I stopped in Mt Gambier as we pressed on. Luck I didn’t stop to check as at the servo the tyre was a bit soft but after refuelling it was flat as RC’s humour. We noticed the big rock and we laughed at how the hell I managed to control the bike at those speeds through the Roo section.
    I thought it was just the weight and the wind making the back end all squirmy but I guess the tyre was soft and the force and speed help keep it semi inflated till I stopped.
    Once in Mt Gambier a Pizza and some Gin and a few laughs about the trip so far and we both felt a little better. I was suprprised how well my temper withstood all of this, not like me to be so calm and it was a bit of a worry really. After everything we had done through the day getting to where we where supposed to be in record time was making it worthwhile. Trying to sleep with bloody RC snoring like a firkin foghorn was terrible, I have no idea how Shambles puts up with it. I have a new found respect for you shambles.

    Next morning we headed to Laurie Fox motorcycles and waited for them to open at 9am, we where now in SA time but we both forgot about that so after cursing the shop not opening we thought it might be closed for the local Toy Run…..but then there was life. RC organised getting everything done whilst I went to find an internet connection and get money sorted out. We where lucky the mechanic was in doing some odd jobs and we where in luck to get them fitted and back on the road by 11am.
    I wasn’t happy about getting Dunlop bt207 fitted as I run Pirelli diablo but hey what can you do ? I paid full retail as the boys knew I had no choice but we where on the road again. Late as usual we headed for Talliem bend to meet Grey Gentry.
    We got there 2 hours late after taking the scenic route up the coast to avoid all the boring straights and the boys in blue. It was another very quick run and RC finally figured out where the limiter kicks in at 3rd gear. Pretty fast but I was hitting that on a regular basis trying to push on. We where having great fun chasing each other through the big open sweepers and wondered why we where losing so much time.
    But finally hit Talliem Bend and GG was happy to see us. I parked the bike on a slope tilting to the left, and said hello to GG and then jumped back on to fuel up. I put my helmet on the right hand mirror (bad idea) and jumped on pulled it up to balance point and then hit 1st, I revved the bike it moved slowly the popped out of 1st and I could steer cos the frikkin helmet was on the mirror, because of the sloping surface it was longer to the ground on my left than I thought and the bike was already halfway down. I just let it go and was ok about it. I now had 2 matching panniers after another right hand side drop the week before. Ive never dropped my bike before and then twice in a week. Well its been one of those trips and it could have been a lot worse I guess.

    GG took us into Adelaide and we pulled of into Stirling to meet the SA guys.
    Graeme, Mark and Rob where there to greet us. I nearly dropped the bike again as I was so tired and sore, but pulled the bugger back up without problem, I think my temper kicked in a little and I was not letting it go again.
    Getting off the bike I wondered what the big bolt sticking out the side was, turned out to be the bolt that holds the engine on the frame had worked itself lose. Ok I thought just add it to the mounting list. A bit off tape to stop it falling out and that will do till I get the proper tool to fix it later.

    We have a laugh with the SA boys about the trip and we fill them in on the adventure so far. We head off up to Williamstown for out accommodation after I complained a lot about sharing a cabin with RC and his bloody snoring. GG assured me the cabin had a door between the room so I should be Ok. Mark offeed to let me stay at his place and I was happy to get a nights sleep but RC was a bit emotional to lose his mate over his snoring so I stayed for his sake.
    Filled up on nice pub grub, another gin and I was out like a light, until Foghorn was off again, I had to get up and rummage around for my earplugs. Once the cabin stopped vibrating from the force of his throat I managed to get in another few hours.
    RC woke to find he had a sore throat and couldn’t figure out why, I though he must have snorted the bloody sofa down his throat whilst sleeping……it was that bad.
    RC got his bacon and eggs and I had no breakfast as I fitted in as much sleep as the going was good.

    We where of at 6.30 am and round the hills with GG. Man that guy flys on his big Kwaka Gt1000. Never seen a big bike so nimble. I was struggling to keep up on new rubber and no idea of the road so I stayed where I was knowing they would wait.

    I have no idea of the roads but they where bloody fantastic, we where having way to much fun and just kept on going.
    We met Rob (red Dragon) and he called his mate Jason (Fred Croft) to meet us on his Super Duke. We had a chat and a coffee and the FC took me to his place to sort out my loose bolts.

    Then we where off round all the great roads, up hills through valleys, tight as hell corners and T-junctions that jump up from nowhere.
    We headed through a more open section and FC was off like ferret in a sock. God that was a firkin fast run and the fastest I had ever done but I was right behind them all the way. More coffee and something to eat and then off again.

    What a day, what a run and my bike had its arse flogged for being such a biatch all weekend.
    GG noticed my back wheel looked a bit warped, I put it down to new tyre and maybe it was warped. Didn’t think to much as it felt ok. Slow speeds caused a bit of jumping around but up at 100 it was fine.
    We headed of to Glenelg for Coffee night and the sight of all the young ladies all dressed up was a welcome change from brake lights and twisty signs.
    We headed back to Williamstown after dark and we had some serious twisties on the way. FC assured me he would be going easy as I don’t like the dark that much and have never really experienced dark twisties. Well FC doesn’t seem to have a slow speed on his super duke, it seems to be all warp 9. I was concentrating as much as I could on the road and the tight S-bends. All of a sudden everything went black, I had lost RC taillights in the 35km corners and I couldn’t see to well, found him again and belted off after the tail lights. It was scary and good fun at the same time, we got back to the cabin in 1 piece and talked about FC on his rocket and the dark roads…..that guy has MASSIVE TACKERS. My Tackers where also massive due to the amount of times I smashed them off my tank under heavy braking trying to see where the bollocks the road goes.

    We get all packed up so its easy in the morning, I actually got a good nights sleep on Sunday night, earplugs and I was so exhausted. Up at 5am and we are on the road home. GG takes us through some back roads to Talliem Bend where we have breakfast and head off on our long trips in different directions. The roads where still dark and the mist was settling in all the dips and it was a beautiful sight to see. The sun coming up whilst cruising on your bike was such a welcome sight, it was so bloody cold and we both struggled to find the “wee man†when going for a Pee.
    We made great time cruising the Highway back to Melbourne and where happy to get to roads we knew. Getting home was the biggest comfort, no snoring, my own bed and I had really missed my Lil. I have never been apart from Lil so long and having done it now I know she is defiantly the woman to be my wife. It was hard being away from her and next time we will plan to do it together.

    Getting home, something to drink and a nice shower. Sitting out the back I though of the weekend from hell and how it turned out to be the best adventure of endurance, problem solving and friendship. I was glad RC came along with me, I wouldn’t have made it without his help in some places. We biatch and whinge at each other like an old married couple but between the 2 of us we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I made a lot of great new friends whilst in SA and I thank them all for showing us a great time. A very special thanks to Ron (grey Gentry). He has lifted my riding ability to a very confident twisty rider with his advice. He has some great stories and a very welcome addition to any future tour I might embark on.

    Thanks you all for the biggest adventure.


    RC said “ If you fall of your bike then you have been Lzzed, but if your bike F**k’s up at every stop then you have been Stookied.â€

    So Loz and I are planning a big tour……….who’s in ?
  2. I didn't know Hyosung made a V4, but there you go!

    Sounds like you were lucky to make it back Jay. Actually you were lucky to make it there too!

    Adelaide rocks, I had a great time over there and look forward to next chance I get to cross the border.
  3. great review jay...... honda's ah? :LOL: :wink: glad to hear you got it all sorted anyway :)
  4. That is a top tale, Stookie. :grin:
  5. Great write-up! :grin:

    Next time you head out with RC you'd better pack one of these:


  6. Indeed :)

    I empathised on the snoring... when the band has a gig on the road, and they venue crams us into one or two rooms... the earplugs definitely get a work out!!

    Glad you both made it back safe...

    I'm still hanging to do an Adelaide trip!
  7. Great report Stookie :grin:

    Sounds like you had a ball, and the little incidents made it that much more memorable :wink: :)
  8. Someone who understands my pain.
  9. I went on a road trip with 3 snorers lol... sorry to hear your trip wasnt the best, but at least you got home ok :)
  10. What a road trip, everything except the kitchen sink!!!

    Great to hear you had a good time, weird mechanical interventions and siesmic snoring notwithstanding, Jay.

    I take it no photos were taken???
  11. Oh yeah? Well you fart in your sleep. At least I hope you do, otherwise it's your breath.... :grin:

  12. Im sorry Cadbury, who ever you are but you better not be hinting you sleep with my mate cos his girl SHAMBLES will kick your ass.
  13. All I'll say is Stookie is much friendlier when he's had sleep. :grin:
  14. The few pics I have are now in Multimedia area
  15. yeah baby, i let rip like a trooper! :grin:
  16. GG, shookie and RC,

    Sorry if I was going too fast back up the hills. I thought
    I was keeping it under 60.

    I usually belt up it. I have been going up and down it like a
    yoyo for 3 years. you get used it to. That road is very safe.

    The road that scares me at night is One-Tree-Hill road going up
    the Kersbrook.
  17. That has to be the best write up I've read.

    You too had a ball and as I read it, I'm thinking of the Jack Nicholson film, 'As good as it gets' for the laughs. Not that I'm saying one of you is old and the other gay, but you get my drift?
  18. I'd consider batting for the other team for a Tuono :LOL:

    We had a ball...I'm thinking of increasing my prices though, putting up with him whinging about lack of sleep for the whole 3 days just isn't worth the $50 a week he pays me to hang out with him :p :grin: