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The Stoner effect: P.I. MotoGP Sell-Out

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Mouth, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Extra grandstands and extended VIP areas will be built at the P.I. track due to a huge increase in demand for this years MotoGP. Grandstand tickets sales has already surpassed last years, and the race is still 2 months away. ....


  2. Good stuff, this can only be a good sign for motorcycling in australia, both on the track and on the road :grin:
  3. He was front page on the 'The Age' online edition this morning. Not bad for a 21yo NON footballer.
  4. It's gunna be chockas on the mound at southern loop this time :(
  5. Gonna have to scramble quicker/earlier to and from Siberia this time. Exit's going to be madness!
  6. Very happy to have stand tickets all ready sorted.
  7. yeah 3 day general admission was up by $5....
    i bought straight away last week after the price hike :evil:
  8. damn.. thats nuts!! is there a limit to general admission tickets or are they for sale till they run out of paper? might have to get my tickets alot earlier this year to make sure i get some.
  9. There will be a limit, has to be for safety and insurance purposes. As to what it is, you guess is as good as mine :)