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The STIG wins his court case to reveal identity

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Seems they will have to find another stig again, wonder what colour his suit will be, bets start now


  2. Jason Plato will be the next stig
  3. doesn't matter who the stig is, he'll always look the same.....
    I love that show.... particularly when jeremy has to ride a bike.
  4. ill be in the Audience next Friday for Aussie top gear
  5. Oh I love the fact that you are like babes in the woods.........

    So sweethearts who would be your archetypical STIG?

    Me that would be delicously easy, the one and only Mike Hailwood

  6. have u got the full 2 bob?
  7. I think it will be Red Stig
  8. the next one will be Stigette. !! Sabine :D
  9. So the guy signs a confidentiality agreement when he signs up for being The Stig. Then when he wants to write and release an autobiography (in which I gather he'll have a good section on being The Stig, therefore capitalising on it), challenges the confidentiality agreement and wins. Stinks really.
  10. I don't know if that's a good idea. I mean the stig is fast in white, imagine if he is in read, he would get Mach1 in a volvo.
  11. He can't be Jason Plato. Plato is contracted to "Fifth Gear".

    I'd vote for Sabine!!
  12. The new Stig should remain anonymous, it's all part of the fun. I do like the idea of a stigette.
  13. The only way is down for this bloke, he has peaked.
  14. As above, a contract means shit these days, money talks
  15. It almost seems like the whole court thing is a huge publicity stunt. It's tens of thousands of dollars in lawyers and court costs but as advertising for the show you couldn't ask for better and it refreshes the mystery for the "New Stig".

    Also gives the book a good boost - that's a nice thank you to the outgoing Stig's 7 year loyalty.

    Or am I just cynical?
  16. I am sure that the next contract will be even tighter to make it harder for the next stig to profit from it afterwards.
    I do like the anonymity with the stig, it is the same as not knowing mordeth13's real name or his what he looks like.

    It would be great to see a stigette as well.
    Google shows a few stigettes :p
  17. Im dissapointed in this, the reason the stig was a success was the fact his identity was a closely guarded secret.
    Mystery about him being a rally driver, schumacher etc. was good. This now takes the edge off it, he should have written it on his tombstone but kept it quiet until then!!
  18. Don't understand what the fuss is. It's been known by most everyone who pays any attention that the White Stig was Ben Collins for over 3 years now (ever since Hammond had his jet car crash).

    So, they're spending lots of money to prevent Ben himself stating that he's the White Stig, when everyone already knows that he is anyway?

    It doesn't make sense.
  19. Shit - another person who knows of Mordeth13
  20. I say good on him, Top Gear rakes in tonnes of money, he is a significant part of the show's success and has had to sit by and watch all the other personalities make lots of money from the show and other things like books.
    If he can sell a few books and add a little bit to his bank account he should go for it, he has probably done the maths now that he knows he will no longer be a part of the show