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The Stig - unmasked

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. i know its old news for some

    Tonights episode of Top Gear they unmasked (unhelmeted) the stig

    God i love this show


    And now that we all know who it is, its time for a new Stig, not the same now
  2. its... not really him ....
  3. Did you watch the show?

    Because when i saw this episode a while back , they did it as a joke.... in the way they have had others under the stig helmet in the past.

  4. I really doubt he has been the stig other than this episode. Britian probly has a trillion capable race car drivers they can use when available on the cheap compared to schui.
  5. Yeah apparently it wasn't actually him. I hear that schu is the only one allowed by Ferrari to drive the FXX, so it was all put together just for that.
  6. Considering that Ferrari they drove on the track on the show isn't allowed to be driven by anyone (even the owners can only drive it while supervised on Ferrari's track), I assume Schumacher came with the car to meet Ferrari's approval and as a publicity stunt ;)

    [Edit: Just saw VTRAffairs post.. while I had the reply window open :).. Right on the money bro!]
  7. lol who knows, good viewing though
  8. I don't believe anything I see on that show. Still makes for good viewing though :)
  9. hahahaha and a ripper ending to the show with "i don't think shewy is the Stig wink wink" awesome
  10. Geeth is the real stig - you would wear a helmet all the time if you had a haircut like his avatar
  11. have you seen hornets sig?
  12. top gear to paul hogan show, rainy days like this dont get any better
  13. agreed
  14. Ahh Delvine Delainey , and that denim short outfit , now that bought back some, young teenage male memory's :angel:
  15. Just like man vs wild is completely faked and Bear has a helicopter and whole support crew just out of shot? You need to have more faith in television. [-([-(
  16. You got me. In case there are any questions on how I fit all that hair into a helmet...

    I use time lord technology so the helmet is bigger on the inside then it is on the outside.

    Like most things my hair started with humble beginings.
    (yes this is me)

  17. There is more than 1 Stig. They simply put an expert for what is required into the suit & helmet.
  18. Bloody hell Geeth, you look like a Kelly.

    Is this your Great grand daddy?


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  19. :rofl: Goooooooooooooold!