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The STIG is revealed-maybe

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. This whole "stig" seems a very odd marketing ploy.
    Why would you employ someone the calibre of Michael Schumacher and not tell anyone about it.
    Seems to me you would get better ratings if you told the world you had a top F1 driver doing the test drives.
  2. :shock:

    Makes sense... lucky ba$tard. I want his job :twisted:
  3. Pffft, who cares, anyway? It's just another ploy to keep people talking about the programme.
  4. My theory is that it changes fairly regularly depending on who they can get to drive for them at any time.
  5. it WOULD explain the HUGE chin-piece on that Simpson helmet......
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. mystique, grasshopper. i don't know what it is with peeps nowadays wanting to see T & A from the get go. think of the stig as foreplay :grin:
  8. I don't think it would be him, as the white stig has been around for quite a while. RC36 I think your right its just another stunt to keep people talking about the show, as its getting on @ 12 seasons.

    It was probably mark webber, then they switched him for shuey so mark can concentrate on his F1........... and its working :roll:
  9. Ben?
    Is that you?
  10. :LOL:

    It's not Schumacher. Good publicity stunt though.
  11. im guessing he was driving the ferrari fxx and thats about it... dont think ferrari would let anyone else drive it :p
  12. Does he ever wear full race leathers?

    Just asking.

    Oh, never mind, moment's passed. :wink:
  13. They should use some no-name stunt driver.

    Why pay for celebrity when their identity's supposed to be a secret?
  14. Its unfortunate that people feel the need to try and find out who the Stig is. Just accept that he is made of cheese and has brake lights in his buttocks.
  15. i dont think it would be hard to find a race driver to do that work for not alot of money, expecially a retired one.

    perhaps not someone the likes of schumacher, but maybe an ex toruing car driver or something.
  16. The Stig doesn't have to be a great driver, just faster than the three hosts, and able to be a consistent benchmark when driving different cars round the same track.