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WA The steps to get a licence?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by JesseRyanHall, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Hi there.

    I come from a big family of bike builders, riders and racers.

    Apart from on the farm I have managed to avoid the family passion.

    I have finally decided to get on a bike after moving from Tas to West Aus.

    I just wanted to clarify the steps to get a licence here.

    Basically I'm 25 with a full drivers licence. And saw that this allows me to avoid some steps. Just not 100% sure.

    Pass the l,s test

    Get 25 supervised hours?

    Go for ps test?

    A summary would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey Mate, WA here as well.

    C-A driver for 3-ish years here before passing my R-E test a month ago.

    Since you've already got your car lic, you don't have to do your computerised theory test, or hours.

    That leaves, since you've passed the theory to just pass your practical. This gets you the license.

    It also means since you're beyond your Ps, you don't have to wear Ps on the bike, but you'll still be classed as a 'novice rider'. This means 0 BAC and no pillions for 12 months.

    After those 12 months, you can get your big boy license by taking another test on a non-LAMS bike.

    Keep in mind, if you fail your practical, you'll have to wait 7 days to do it again. Doesn't stop you for booking for said test the same day you fail though. Easy peasy.

    As far as where, I did mine at City West and passed after 2 fails (too much in a rush to get it done, buggered it plus technicalities.) Midland is notorious for car and bike tests, so I'd avoid going there. Bunbury is pretty good from what I've head as it's pretty flat so no hill starts, but they're starting to crack down on city riders wanting an easy go. Country towns used to have a local who'd pass you, these days they send out assessors from the city so again no easy ride there.

    Dirt bike riding's great for learning fine motor control and understanding dynamics. Get on that if you have the opportunity.

    Best of luck. Give us a shout when you've passed the test. :)
  3. My son did his a couple of weeks ago in Dongara. He is off his P's in the car (21 years old), and just had to pass the test on a LAMS bike. He can now ride any LAMS bike, no other restrictions as far as I know. He can also apply for his learners for his big bike license immediately, but cannot do the test for 12 months.