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The step up.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Fixed, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Right. I want a new bike.

    I've had enough of the babyblade; she's been good to me but I've been wringing her neck now for a couple of months and my restrictions are nearly up.

    After flights of fancy drooling over European bikes worth roughly as much as a small flat in Richmond, I've narrowed my choices down to the following far more practical models.

    2005 Honda CBR 600 RR
    2005 Yamaha YZFR6

    The rationale is thus:

    a) They both come in black.
    b) They will both make good commuters with enough left over to play with.
    c) They're both a bit sexy and I can mod them a little.
    d) They can tour with a Ventura rack on the back.

    Now, what I really want is the Tuono, or RSVR, or MT01, or TNT, or ... Basically I want every god-damn bike in the whole f*cking world. I wanted a sexy nekked muscle bike, but considering I ride every day to the city and back it's just not practical. Plus I want to keep the costs to around $15k.

    So, what I'm asking is does anyone know good dealers?

    Can anyone give their opinion of the bikes?

  2. No

    They're alright.
  3. Tell a lie, Ringwood BMW are pretty good ...
  4. Split the difference I reckon... both about the same price, similar engines etc. The CBR is a bit smaller. I can tell you a bit about the R6, but reserve most of my comment about the CBR as I don't own one (but have test ridden one).

    The R6 i think is better looking, with black frame and wheels and red trim etc. Here's a photo of mine:


    The looks were the clincher for me, I had no real brand preference. The R6 riding position was also more comfortable for me, and not having an underseat exhaust (which the r6 has) gave me more underseat storage. The matt black fairings are pure sex and I love the front cowling/headlight assembly.

    They are two fine bikes, ride them both, and if you can't split the performance difference, go with whichever one you think looks better, because there isn't much separating them mechanically or price-wise these days.
  5. Reckon Dan's right. Nothing between them, just go for the one you prefer the looks of (for me, that's the CBR).
  6. She's quite purdy.
  7. I'd go the Honda. The fact that Honda riders think so much of their machines gives me the shits some times, but they are relaible, they do hold there value and I have been told they are the most forgiving, which is what counts in an everyday ride.

    I think the r6 will be last year's 600 very quickly whereas the honda will be a good ide for a bit longer
  8. actually I've heard whispers that the 2005 r6 will be last year's 600 on the 1st Jan 2006
  9. erm ... but ... wouldn't it then be this year's 600? :-k
  10. the 2006 r6 will be...
  11. Get the bike you really really want. Save for a bit longer if you have to
  12. the 2006 r6 will be this years bike?

    Man gotta get meone of those!
  13. as long as today's date is 1 Jan 2006 it is!
  14. Hi Fixed,

    I wouldn't class the R6 as a 'good commuter'.

    Have you also considered a nice black Z750?

    Man, that hurts.
  16. spot on - it just scrapes in as 'a commuter' :LOL:
  17. My decision was between the same two bikes and to be honest there wasnt a whole lot between them in my eyes.

    My decision came down to looks and therefore ill be pickin up my R6 next week....
  18. I don't reckon I could tell any difference between these bike if I was to ride them blindfolded. Some people acuse me of riding like I am blindfolded sometimes, but that is off subject.

    They are both fantastic motorcycles us mere mortals have the good fortune of being able to buy them.

    Pick the bike that matches your leathers the best. 8)

    And tells what you buy you lucky b@st@rd!!! :p