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The stats caught up with me this afternoon.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. I'm nursing a very sore and battered body tonight. A little quiet joyride this afternoon ended in a big "off". Can't explain what went wrong. I was probably only doing 30 clicks following a couple of slow-moving vans down hill. I just touched the front brake so that I could keep a safe distance from them and the front wheel just tucked under.

    The bike skidded quite a few metres with my left leg trapped under it. When it came to rest I couldn't lift it up, my shoulder was so sore, so a friendly passing motorist helped me and I bump-started it and rode it home. Quite how I got the 20-odd k's from there to here I really don't know.

    The bike is very battered on the left-hand side and, once I'd got out of my riding gear, I realised that I was more injured than I first thought. My lovely daughter called my wife and took me to Casualty where I underwent the gamut of tests, X-rays, evaluation of the neck and vertebra, etc.

    The good news is that there isn't anything broken, but I've banged up my ribs and left shoulder and moving even the smallest amount is hugely painful. The doc says that it will feel worse tomorrow (thanks).

    My helmet is trashed (5 years old so due for replacement anyway): my Joe Rocket jacket is also finished. My Draggins are badly scuffed but can probably be rescued and my new Falco boots are scuffed but re-useable and did their job, as did all the rest of my gear.

    A moderately long recuperation they reckon and a fight with the insurance company to prevent them from writing BBII off, I expect.

    ATGATT is the message yet again.

    Too sore to take any pictures, I may do that tomorrow.

  2. Get the Staintune off it, right now!
  3. Good thought, but I might have to get someone else to do it!
  4. Sorry to hear about your accident, it happen to me last Saturday the story very close to your, but the damage is minimum.

    Hope you recover soon.
  5. Not good, commiserations.
  6. Heal quickly. It sucks to crash, but it's a reminder that these things can happen to all of us.
  7. Not good when ever anyone crashes but it's a good thing the body isn't too badly battered.
  8. Mac Pass hates riders' ribs :(.
  9. Sorry to hear about the off, but it's good that you got away without anything broken. Good luck with the insurance!
  10. Hope you heal quickly, back brake or drop a gear or two, stops the front wheel dropping out from under you, bit late now tho, keep it for future reference,
  11. Yeah, it's all relative, I guess, but it doesn't fell like it's not too badly battered I can tell you!!
  12. Aw sh1t mate - no good, hope you get better soon and it all works out. I know how you feel. Cheers!
  13. Glad to hear you come out relatively okay. Sounds like you copped it rather bad for a slow speed off though :(

    At risk of off topic, I'm a bit sceptical of the above. Besides you need to be fast to catch the slow speed front tucks, often you're down before you know what has happened.
  14. Sorry to hear. Hope it all comes good, and quickly.
  15. Sorry to hear about the off but glad you had gear!

    Heal up soon
  16. So what do you think happened? Was it road surface related or did something on the front of the bike just give..
  17. I think deadman’s point is don’t use the front to much by its self to avoid any propensity for a tuck.
    Wasn’t there, don’t know the conditions can’t comment.
  18. no good to hear man. as you saw, similar thing happened to me. sucks :(
  19. Ouch, that sucks. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery and that you're back out there doing what you love.
  20. Sorry to hear, dude. Hope you're better again soon.
    on the plus, at least you know where you went wrong