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The Squid Test

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by rs101, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. The Squid Test

    I don't know what speed DoD nominal is, all I know is I was laughing for 45 minutes, and I have a Squid Factor of 12.69 :grin:


  2. :roll:

    Completed up to 'Riding Skills' then got bored and gave up: too bl@@dy long! :?
  3. Same, scrolled down through the questions and cbf! :)
  4. The Results:

    Squid Factor 12.131919905771495.

    I guess thats normal...?
  5. Surely this is a spoof to see who'd be gullible enough to answer all the questions.
  6. Fantastic way to distract me from moronic customers whining down the phone!
    Only got a 10.16 :(
  7. Just cause I'm bored: 8.45.

    I must be boring or something.

    oh snap!
  8. 15.81

    Might have been higher if I knew what Dod was.
  9. fark!

    What is even worse is the html coding behind this webpage! now thats a joke!

    god dam idiots!

  10. agreed
  11. Wot's wrong with it?
  12. ok, in fairness there is nothing wrong with the code, because the webpage displays.. but seriously... someone has too much time of there hands....

    squid = 0;
    if (document.SquidForm.n1.checked){squid = squid -1;}
    if (document.SquidForm.n859.checked){squid = squid + 10;}
    if (document.SquidForm.n860.checked){squid = squid + 6;}
    if (document.SquidForm.n861.checked){squid = squid + 7;}
    squid = squid / 33.96;
  13. Well...

    It's either goin' that or a cgi proggie on the server written in Perl, PHP or whatever, and I would imagine the code needed would be pretty similar anyway.

    The way I'd do it (and have done with similar stuff b4) is to write a script in Python (best thing since sliced bread I reckon) to generate the html and javascript from a text or dbf file.

    Makes changes/additions a LOT easier...

  14. i was -0.2


    got bored after the first section though...
  15. I CBF even scrolling to the bottom, let alone answering questions to get there. That thing's epic.

    Off the top of my head I reckon I'd score about 28.
  16. That took a long time...

    Ahead Squid Factor 9.92343934040047 Mr. Sulu!
  17. Guys. I'll let you in on a secret. If you do the test, you are a Squid.