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The Spurs

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by sirprice, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Did both on Sunday morning the Black at around 9 am , found it full of the usual obstacles 4wdsw way below the speed limit , clean surface no cameras sighted , then onto Reefton ,, Marysville to Warby direction which was covered in crap ranging from small bits of bark , rolling twigs to full blown branches and a little gravel thrown in for good measure . But I must add that every 4wd we came across moved over for us to pass safely and Legally where there were double solid whites :).
    The other direction seemed much cleaner.

  2. did opposite direction a few hours later. Wasnt consistent surface conditions at all. Every 4wd I encountered in opposite direction seemed to be on corner entry with the 4wd cutting the corner
  3. Probably by that time they had all done a pub lunch :)
  4. Did it today. Still covered in the usual crap, just before Cambarville and again just before Reefton. There was very little traffic up there so maybe Easter is a good time to go after all
  5. Yeah did it Saturday as part of a regular loop , Kurth Kiln , back way to Warby then Reefton, E/J feed at the Jamieson Brewery then out to Mansfield then boreway back to Kinglake , Chummy , Healsville , Kurth Kiln and home a nice 450 kay ride :)

    Agreed there was some crap on Reefton but not as much as I expected ,, but for some reason I got a little side ways a couple of times and didnt see any loose on the road , but maybe it was hidden in the dappled shade ,, maybe just a cooler surface than last time I rode it.

    I can highly recommend the Jamieson Brewery for lunch tho ,, cheap and good food .
    Excellent service to ..