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the Spirit of riders lives on ... even in Within the police

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RUMPYTRUMPY, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Friday afternoon while riding northbound, north of raymond terrace (near newcastle) in a 100 kph zone , I found myself sitting on a steady 125 kph , i soon noticed a bike in what i could see out of my crappy too close together trumpy side mirrors it was travelling pretty fast coming up from behind me eventually the bike came up on the rear of mine and to my horror it was a police bike !! .... i got that sinking feeling in my guts like you get when you know you have been caught . Expecting the siren and lights to come on i looked again and then found him matching speed with me in the right lane over my right shoulder , again i thought here we go a hefty fine is coming my way , just then he astonished me by pulling up even with me looking over giving me a nod and a subtle wave and sped off . I couldnt believe my luck . Just goes to show on a nice sunny day great for riding even the cops still share some of the comaradery we all have the pleasure of sharing ( i was wary that he may reappear down the road with a radar gun pointed at me so i kept it to a nice sane 110kph the rest of the way) .... never saw him again . So "officer" maaaaate if you are a netrider and you read this thanks it was refreshing and nice to meet you

  2. Re: the Spirit of riders lives on ... even in Within the pol

    You're welcome...nice bike by the way. Wasn't it a pearler of a day for a ride?

    From where I was, it was a bit hard to see - is the last letter of your rego an E or an F?

    Have a good one.

    Sen Const Chairman
  3. :LOL: :LOL: ppppppfffht :p
  4. A few years ago while riding to Phillip Island for the Super bikes. We were sitting sorta on tha speed limit. Then I noticed a patrol car, oh shit I thought. Then the cop put the radar gun down while we road past. On a number of occasions I have been pulled over. Get a warning, a chat about bikes & a have agood day
    They are not all pricks. Beside's that, who are the first people we contact when there is a problem, who are the guys that help scrape you off the road, the cops, funny bout that.
  5. yes but its a pretty rare thing when one will pass up the revenue raised in their name on a 25 km/h over ticket
  6. Mine was a bit easier today rumpytrumpy - heading towards fern bay from the tool street bridge, overtook about 6 or 7 cars in 1 hit along the part just after the wind turbine thingy (bugger of a place to overtake due traffic so made the best of a break) and low and behold, a dark blue SS commodore pulled out as soon as he could once it hit dual carriageway and gunned it towards me overtaking about 4 cars himself and sitting right behind me, thought i was done from a unmarked, so I slowed headin up stockton bridge - turned out to be just a couple younguns wanting to see what the hell overtook em earlier!
    Needless to say, I was mighty relieved
  7. whew !! .... i hear ya
  8. i have to say, i have a lot of respect for cops and have had nothing less in return
  9. I got pulled over in the cage for speeding coming back for Eildon 2 wweks ago in Taggerty.

    Nice cop let me off with a "slow it down a little thanks mate".

    Wonder if it had anything to do with the Blue Ribbon Foundation cap I was wearing that I picked up from last years ride......