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The speed cameras at the bottom of Mt Ousley...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ktulu, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Only snap oncoming traffic?

    I go through there at least once a week on average now [usually on the bike] - and (heading south) I of course ensure my speed is 80 when passing the first camera, because although there's no number plate on the front of the bike: I don't want to give them a reason to ask us to put one on there.

    Coming to the 2nd camera on the other side of the Uni, I do 80 because I'm not sure: BUT there's no "Speed Camera 80" sign for that camera when you're heading south, AND all the locals fly onto that entrance there right in front of the camera at much greater than 80, without getting done.

    ... and I'd prefer to match/better the speed of that merging traffic, than choose between the rear quarter of an impatient Commodore and the concrete dividers :?

    So yeah, [question at start of post]? :)
  2. I've asked myself that question. The road just south of the camera goes from 80 to 90, within range of the camera I'm sure.
  3. I'm fairly sure they only catch oncoming traffic, as they aren't signposted in the opposite direction...

    But it's $X and Y points I don't want to spend testing a theory :)
  4. They are only focused on the closest lane, hence there being two of them..
  5. 2 lanes each way... do you mean they only catch speeding traffic if it's in the single closest lane to the camera?
    IE you can still speed in either direction if you're in the right-hand lane?

    In any case, it's comforting to know I only have to be careful of the first one each way :)
  6. I thought the guidelines were such that they never took a pic of the front of vehicles. I remember a senior cop or someone in the paper complaining about it. That was a few years ago though. I always go 80 just in case.

    Maybe someone should pull over ("break down") just near there at night time to see if any flashes go off when cars are only going away from it.
  7. It used to be that NSW cameras only took photos from the rear.

    Does anyone know this is not the case?
  8. they cannot by law take the photo from the front, a police officer was caught speeding and the photo was sent to the home of the rego number and the wife got the photo. when she looked twice there was another woman in the front seat and it lead to the rta being sued. funny sh*t
  9. A majority of the NSW fixed cameras only photograph the rear, but there are some that take fronton shots, and it is legal. Easiest way to check is look for 3 lines on the road in each lane in line with where the camera is pointing. NSW fixed cameras don't use radar, they use sensors in the lanes....
  10. They resurfaced the m4 , now i have lost the speed lines , and yes south coast is a great place if you can void a fine , someone should blow up those illegal facing cameras, i was totally focused driving past them at the crazy positioning there in and didn't watch the road
  11. Yes I slow down through there too.

    But what about the new point to point speed cameras that can be set 1km to what ever apart & the distance in between is timed if over the limit ftom point A to point B you are stuffed. Hope we don't see these for a long time although they will be mostly on the highway I would imagine.
  12. just need to pull up for a coffee break and your right!
  13. Yeah or a picnic lunch lol
  14. Which makes going fast kind of pointless...

    Does anyone know where the cameras are in the ED going south? I see some people gunning it occasionally but I'm not confident. I think it's just after it gets flat on the way in but not sure if there is another one or not.
  15. Right on man, i've kept this guideline since i started riding.
  16. I heard about these in Victoria, but didn't think they were coming to NSW.

    Are they planning these for us???

    ... coz I would seriously spray paint those #*&%ers.