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The Spaniards have got it right

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ginji, May 23, 2008.

  1. I've seen similar SE Asia.
    Even better were the stoplights at a few major intersections in Kuala Lumpur which had a digital display counting down the number of seconds before the light changed to green so riders knew exactly how much time they had available to filter to the front.
    Same display would also give the amount of time the light would stay green for, which makes a lot more sense than just relying on a few seconds of orange.
  2. With fuel going to stupid prices and more motorcycles and scooters on the roads cause people are trying to not give their whole pay packet to evil overseas oil companies, maybe the government might actually take notice of the growing "minority" and start to make laws that are sensible for the mode of transport.

    I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen tho. :?
  3. Why have I got this mental picture of half a dozen Hayabusas and Blackbirds lined up at the advanced stop line with their riders eyes glued to the countdown? :LOL:
  4. No different than watching for the orange on the other set of lights, although it would eliminate "false starts" caused by right turn signals ;).
  5. +1 to the OP, i think that this is a bloody fantastic idea... combined with the countdown timer... excellent... i'd put my name on a petition requesting the above
  6. Yes, but remember that cagers (nor riders) rarely follow the rules there. I remember those countdown timers etc, and they didn't stop cagers/bikers from running the red light :roll:

    And I've seen cagers purposely open their doors to try and hit riders or flick cig butts at them because they were filtering. AND they knew how much time they had to do so...Guess it's a double edged sword.
  7. Fair point I guess, I wasn't there long enough to see the bad side of them I suppose.
    I do find it annoying though at intersections I don't know not knowing how long there is to filter to the front. Or even in the car not knowing how long I'm going to be stuck there (and whether I can give my left leg a rest by chucking it in neutral).