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The Southern Crossing - Invitation to ride with us on the start of our adventure

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TSC_(wombat), Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am one of the three riders from The Southern Crossing www.thesoutherncrossing.com.au and would like to invite all netrider members, their friends and family to the beginning of our across Australia adventure.

    \\:D/ A little about our adventure and an opportunity to ride with us -

    On May 15th 2011, three everyday Aussie’s will undertake a challenge of a lifetime. They will attempt to cross the harshest terrain in Australia, and possibly the most unforgiving environment in the world, traveling east to west in virtually a straight line, unassisted.

    Join the team and hundreds of motorcyclists and adventurers for the festivities of the trip launch at Byron Bay, NSW. Join them for the weekend 14 / 15 May for Bikes Adventure and Fun. The fun ride to Casino leaves Apex Park at 10.30am Sunday. Register your attendance at the launch or participation in the Byron to Casino fun ride, simply by filling out the website form at http://thesoutherncrossing.questionpro.com

    Looking forward to meeting as many of our supporters as possible and keeping you all informed of our adventure.

    The Southern Crossing Team
  2. Please don't think for a minute that this is spam as we are just wanting to give everybody the opportunity to meet and ride with us at the beginning of our adventure.

  3. Come on guys, surely some of you have some questions for us. 157 people (members) have viewed my post so far and nobody has any suggestions or feedback for us. How many of you are coming?

  4. I'll see you at Byron lighthouse, I've registered on your site. Are you only going to Casino the first day?
  5. Will be great to meet you mole.

    We are planning to ride to either Casino or Tenterfield on the first day as at that stage it is easy riding and therefore easy to make up time until we get to Hebel.

    Don't forget to bring along a few mates.

  6. Will Donna be there?

    On a serious note, this looks like an awesome adventure. Are you raising money for a cause/charity or is this just purely in the spirit of adventure? I couldnt see anything mentioned on the website.
  7. I saw you guys on the great south east or some show like that the other week. I am totally envious.
    I cant decide whether to put a big tank on the KTM or knobbies on the Viffer too join you lol. One day.
    Seriously though. All the bloody best guys. Have fun, stay safe and I hope it's everything and more for you.
    I will be following your progress on your site. Added it to my fav's while I was watching the show.
  8. We were on the SE QLD show called Creek To Coast the other weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get to see it as it as I live in the Riverland of SA although I do believe it come out ok.

    I personally think knobbies on the viffer would be more fun although maybe the ktm with bigger tank might be more practical......

    Would be great to have you meet with us at Byron Bay if possible although if not able to make it to Byron Bay we are still looking forward to keeping you informed of our progress.

    I hope we didn't look too silly on our bikes in the video footage as it was pretty slippery as at that stage we still had the standard tyres fitted.

  9. Oh and yes Donna will most likely be there...... ](*,)
  10. Hey guys, thanks for all your support, the numbers for our send off ride are looking fantastic, looks like there will be an array of all kinds of bikes.

    Cheers & looking forward to meeting you at Byron Bay on the 14th and 15th of May 2011.

    Can't wait to get riding!

  11. This is where you're starting from, and my favourite way to see it.

    Attached Files:

  12. are you going offroad on the first day?
  13. No, first day will be a casual blacktop cruise from Byron Bay to Casino as we have a fair few roadies coming for the ride from as far as Melbourne and possibly Adelaide. Hope this doesn't disappoint anybody.

  14. Yep, we are starting at Cape Byron (most eastern point of Australia) but the main meeting point is Cape Byron Apex Park.

    Hope to see you there!
  15. I believe the reason you haven't had many replies from us is that a fair few of us are based in Melbourne, with many in sydney but we are pretty scattered around the country and your departure point is quite far from, well anything.

    Best of luck, would love to send you off but its far too far to be practical for me to make it up :)

    Have a great adventure, will be following with interest.

  16. Depending on work I might be able to make it, had a great time on my last bike trip to Byron.
  17. We already have one group of riders coming up from Melbourne so if you would like to meet with them and come up please let me know and I will start to get things arranged. Like I say it should be a great fun weekend for all.

  18. Would be good if you could come up and ride with us from Byron Bay to Casino. Like I say it will be a pretty cruisy ride but we want to give everybody the chance to be part of this world first, never done before adventure.

    Hope to see you there!

  19. Hey blocka, good news !

    Our send-off event should be one to remember as a couple of weeks ago I had a look to see how many other motorcyclists had registered for the ride from Byron Bay to Casino, at that stage there were 53 other riders coming from all over the place. Some coming up from South Australia, Melbourne, Sydney and down from northern QLD just to name a few. Should be a great opportunity to meet other riders and share knowledge.

    Hope to see you and many others there.