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The sound of a V-twin.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Karaman, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Is absolutely magical!

    I got my bike back yesterday, 5 months after my accident. Reason why it took so long? Didn't sort out the insurance fast enough, plus loads of excuses from the dealership. Not too many problems with the bike. Windscreen rattles a tad at higher revs, but i should be able to fix this by tweaking the bikes nuts :wink: Also the rear left panel near the pillion seat and the fuel tank isnt the exact same colour as the rest of the bike, but you can barely tell when its in the shade, when its in the sun you cant notice.

    Got my new gear sorted out as well. Insurance company gave me $600 for the jacket and gloves which helped quite a bit with finance. The new jacket and gloves are Alpinestars, which provide excellent comfort and protection. Finally got around to getting some boots and draggins as well. I actually bought some boots and a jacket yesterday, but after riding home in them, they felt very uncomfortable. Jacket was catching wind since the opening near my neck was slightly too big, and the boots restricted the movement of my feet too much, making it impossible to change down in gears without lifting the leg and stomping down on the peg. So the dealership said it was ok to exchange them since i only wore them once, however they didnt give me as big of a discount :roll: :( Didnt need to buy a new helmet since there was no real impact on the head when i fell off, so no cracks just suffered a few scratches.

    Was very nervous riding the bike back home, being on the freeway in peak hour traffic, and having boots that were heavy and not flexible. Today i took it for a nice relaxing ride up and down the coast, no twisties, just hills and small curves, getting the confidence back up as well as testing out the gear to see if its comfortable. It will defiently take a while before i start getting into the whole leaning business of turning, still a bit iffy with the feet, since u dont have as much feel on where your feet are with the pegs.

    Overall, very happy to have my bike back and to be part of the community again, already got 2 nods from a pair of motorcyclists at an intersection today.

    If anyone from Perth is up for a ride, I'm free on Saturdays and Sunday arvos :cool:

  2. Welcome back on two wheels. Been there and know what it is like.

    Take it easy and enjoy.
  4. Well done on getting back on the beast.
    I jumped on the RF yesterday for the first time in almost 7 weeks and I had forgotten how hard it goes! It could be another 7 weeks before its back together (note to self - dont crash rare bikes) and I'm looking forward to the grin again already.

    Dont give up on the boots. They are supposed to be firm. Try walking around in them for a day or so. You will get to know the feel of the brake and gear leaver with the boots on. Its different to what you know thats all.
  5. Yeah the boots i replaced the other ones with are a lot better. I'm able to walk around in them without sounding like a dinosaur! They also have special areas that allow better flexibility for the foot which helps with shifting and braking.

    I think the other boots were more suited for big bikies and cruisers :p
  6. Yep me is a Perthie too and have just recently got myself back on 2 wheels after 8 months recovering from an off.

    Good to see your back on.